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  1. We need your help figuring what goes where! Anyway What links are we missing on the home page? What dont you like about the site as it sits? what links should be removed?
  2. To apply to become a server admin, you need to fill out the application form located beside the arcade link at the top of the page: [url="http://www.wcugaming.org/forums/index.php?autocom=adminapp"]http://www.wcugaming.org/forums/index.php?autocom=adminapp[/url] Some requirements for admins are: 1. Active in the server you are applying in. 2. Active in the WCU Gaming Club forums 3. A vouch from a current admin, more than one admin helps. 4. Why we need you as an admin, and what you would do as admin. 5. For oncampus students, all you need is moderate activity in the Gaming Club forums and you are instantly in Gaining server admin does NOT allow you to change maps at your discretion, ban/kick people without justification. Server admins do not get rcon either.
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