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  1. After being on the idle servers for a bit, its not that bad, there are actually SOME active people on there using for a small (very small) achievement server, but I would like to find out what has gone wrong with the tf2 pub servers and get all 3 of them up an running on a CP, PL, and CTF rotation. I've been studying how to add new TF2 servers and trying to get them to work but I never got guidance on the intricacies of the server. Can anyone help me? Yes, I have tried this many times before, but deleted the added entries soon after trying to get them to work for fear of affecting the other servers.
  2. Thanks, and honestly I'm sick of the drama in the club. I know I partook of it once and I feel really bad about it. I rather just be a neutral entity and act more as a moderator between alumni and current members and focus more on being a good PC VP. I honestly would like for you to come to the LAN and have fun with us even if others may not enjoy your presence there.
  3. PC Rules up, need to consolidate the 2 threads, or rename this one the Console Rules thread. Might not be a bad idea to keep them separate for sake of organization. Also, that tournament site looks good, real good.
  4. This thread is to keep track of TF2 teams for the upcoming tournament. General discussion is found elsewhere on the forums!
  5. I think the last times those servers were up it caused problems with the other games even though I set them up under someone's guidance. If you can get them working properly that would be great. As for halo, I'm asking around for someone who will act as the leader for that game in my stead, not just pick out the rules. So while I would be fine with using your suggested rule set or listening to tips you have, I would like to find someone on campus who is an experienced halo player and see what they have to say. I will definitely direct them to you for consultation once I find someone. TF2 and LoL are going to have pre-made teams to AVOID problems at the LAN, as there have been in LANs past. I am not against making teams at the LAN for people who walk in, but if they don't have a committed team together when I say it is time to start the tournament, they are out of luck, that's all. As for the other thread, that was moved here after I had posted earlier today. This section was empty just a couple of hours ago.
  6. This thread is to keep track of LoL teams for the upcoming tournament. General discussion is found elsewhere on the forums!
  7. -League of Legends Teams of 5 -PRE-MADE BEFORE THE LAN, IF YOU ARE TRYING TO PUT A TEAM TOGETHER AT THE LAN AND THE TOURNAMENT STARTS THEN YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO COMPETE -I will start a thread here in the LAN section for people to list LoL teams for this LAN. Summoner's Rift -It's the only 5's map All runes allowed -Enough time has passed that just about everyone has heard about LoL so all runes will be allowed All masteries allowed -Even easier to get than runes since you only have to level Champion Bans -I will need input on this from the community. -If we can not decide on a good number of bans (0,1,2) then we will go with 1. -Team Fortress 2 Teams of 6 -This is the normal size of teams in official tournament play -Teams should also be pre-made before the LAN Best of 5 -Teams will fight until one team has 3 wins Map Type to be determined -Teams will initially agree upon a map type to play for their fights and a neutral party will decided on the specific map to be played. -Map and Map Type can be changed from round to round by the looser's choice. -Multiple rounds can be fought on the same map if the teams agree to do so. Class selection -ONLY ONE PLAYER CAN HOLD 1 OF THE 9 CLASSES AT A TIME. -Classes can be changed mid game if players wish to do so. -1st offense: Warning -2nd offense: Loss -Offenses reset from round to round -Starcraft 2 I personally dislike competitive Starcraft, there is too much micro-management for it to be fun for me. I will delegate the responsibility to someone of my choosing. -Halo I do not have the original halo and will delegate responsibility to someone with more experience.
  8. This is the Official PC Tournament Rules thread. The games for PC are: -League of Legends -Team Fortress 2 -Starcraft 2 -Halo If enough people want the rules for a game tweaked or changed completely then they will be reworked to fit the community's desires.
  9. I could understand if i hit the post button again in frustration, but i only hit it once and it wen through, communication error? OR IS THE BOARD TRYING TO IMITATE ME TO TAKE MY PLACE?
  10. I liked the layout, mostly. All the space in the middle was nice, but seemed like a waste. Would like a little more space for PC, and the consoles seemed somewhat cramped right up against the wall, not much room for specs on that side. But with the turnout for PC the space was adequate. Small complaint: You have to walk around the PC table to get to the stage. Unless you are already on the stage side, but then you have to run around it for... Medium complaint: Food. PC is farthest from food, besides JJ. But plenty of room to run. Largest complaint: AIR CONDITIONING! AHHHHHHHHHHHH! SO COLD!
  11. This was a great lan, despite slightly lower numbers than previous lans. AND I WON L4D2 AND TF2 WOOT! PC side when surprisingly smooth when people weren't rushing of to other tournaments in the middle of cap'ing a point.
  12. This was a great lan, despite slightly lower numbers than previous lans. AND I WON L4D2 AND TF2 WOOT! PC side when surprisingly smooth when people weren't rushing of to other tournaments in the middle of cap'ing a point.
  13. This thread needs to be moved to the 2010.2 section now that it exists
  14. The fliers for this year are bland, boring, and the L isn't even the same size as the A and the N It has no pictures on it Its not in color I hate it
  15. This will be the order of PC tournaments: SC2 first because it could take forever GG next because it probably wont L4D2/TF2 will be last in either order, but L4D2 can take a long time so if we think we will run out of time like that other LAN then do L4D2 first. Times will be as usual, but if one ends early, the next will be started right away, no waiting until it's scheduled time.
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