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  1. I think the way we have been running it has been fine, 2v2 has been drawing in more and more people. Eventually I would like to see 3v3 and 4v4 tourneys but once we have enough people where they can make their own teams. I don't think generating random teams would be that fun or successful. I do think that we should start having COD tourneys, whether it be 2v2, 3v3, or 4v4 I think it would be fun.
  2. I personally think MLG is the most balanced out of all the options.
  3. The tourney is going to be starting at 4 but we will be down in scott blue LANing probably around 1.
  4. alright man, also whats your # I need to talk to you about a possible MLG team or event.
  5. I think me and Josh might be able to make it
  6. Ok, I thought I saw you but wasn't sure lol. That was a pretty banging show.
  7. Btw Mike were you at the As I Lay Dying concert last night?
  8. Ok you dont have to but the more people the better it will be
  9. The tournament is now going to be located in Scott Blue
  10. Mainly for fun if you want we can get a prize or something but I was thinking more or less bragging rights. Also as of now we have 5 teams who say they are going. If you know anyone who plays tell them to come and hang.
  11. Okay the LAN will be on March 21st, is this inconvenient for anyone?
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