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  1. Citan001

    I want one

    Speed limits are only there if you get caught and aside from that there are alot of private race tracks and i gotta say there is nothing more fun then being on said race tracks. Some people like computers some people like to gamble me im a car guy what can i say.
  2. hat and numbers and there you go you have a totally random way to form teams.
  3. Citan001

    I want one

    yall totally missed the point. Yes its pretty much useless but its still AMAZING! Its like buying a ferrari do you need one of course not but is it cool to have hell yes it is.
  4. Citan001

    I want one

    I swear thats what one of the articles I read on this said.
  5. Citan001

    I want one

    But its still cool imo. I mean realisticly why would you wanna but an xbox in your pc and hell if i wanna spend upwards of 4 months of house payments on it sure but I mean its be a cool thing to have right just for the hell of it if money were no issue. Pointless yes but cool none the less as far as the warrenty issue goes im sure they give you there own. Id actually be shocked if they didnt. I didnt read that exact article as I found it somewhere else earlier in the day but I wanted to show yall and that was the first one that came up so i dunno if they address the warrenty or not.
  6. Citan001

    I want one

    So I want one just for the hell of it. http://news.cnet.com/8301-17938_105-20015675-1.html?part=rss&subj=Crave
  7. I think its gonna have to be us bringing people in. Join random servers and find cool people and bring them in. Thats how I got to wcu in the first place through renton.
  8. Question is notting ham still around in houston? It was an elementary school atleast when I was going there.
  9. It never has people on and when I try to populate it no one wants to play it. Are stats back up and working? I know alot of people used to play for the stats. If they are back up and working maybe you need to advertise that in the server name.
  10. Master P helped me out and got it working for me thanks.
  11. So I did what you said but it still doesnt appear on the list or rather I didnt get to do the last part because its not there to select.
  12. So I must be an idiot because I cant get my pc to see my new hdd. It says its connected but when i go to computer it only says there is 1 hdd. Any ideas?
  13. As for the lag yeah everyone i seem to talk to hits mad lag issues and iv had my graphics card overheat because its trying to get crazy frames when you on something stupid like menues in the middle of a game. As for the pausing thats always been there from release of sc. Others could unpause it and i dunno if that made it into this game or not but yeah its always been there. Kinda a messed up thing to do in the middle of something intense but i guess people need the extra time to think of a way to try and save there base. Is it me or is zerg way way underpowered?
  14. But for real I would buy one if for no other reason then to support the club. Did you find someone to do the design?
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