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  1. Here's the info and signup page for the LAN. http://appgaming.info/lan
  2. Do it! Gotta be able to play CS:GO when it comes out.
  3. Hi Lemm! That's too bad =/. Do you still go to the WCU LANs? Will do MasterP. Those are the games we've tried to play for the past few LANs, but the attendance has been pretty low lately and sometimes we aren't able to play a game. For example last LAN we only had two people for SC2.
  4. Hey guys it's been awhile since I've posted on here, but ASU is having a LAN coming up in January and we want it to be a big one. It's going to be on the 21st of January(a Saturday), from 12pm to 10pm. No tournaments have been decided yet, but chances are League of Legends, Starcraft 2, Minecraft, and Halo will be played. If you're interested here's a link to the facebook event. https://www.facebook.com/events/292221354152690/?notif_t=event_invite
  5. Is CS:S still played any at LANs? I want to come to the next one for some sc2 and hopefully CS:S freeplay. =]
  6. How will the SC2 tournament work with that lag? I was thinking about driving down there for some freeplay css and sc2 but now I'm having second thoughts. =/
  7. +1 to what fascist said. Ambiguity in the rules like "I guess if its a really even match the first run through and it lasts a long time, then that can be considered the whole 3 matches" is a bad idea and will only cause problems. Everything he said is pretty standard for sc2 tourny play atm. I would just add that the beginning map should be lost temple or metalopolis and loser should pick after that. I've got a rule sheet for a sc2 tourny app is having this weekend if you want to look at that.
  8. It's an amazing game. There are some very annoying issues that still need to be resolved with EA's server browser/servers in general and the game randomly crashing. Also, I'm not sure what causes it but it seems like every server out there is extremely laggy(I usually ping around 100 on my internet at ASU). The gameplay makes up for this and then some though. It's the funnest game I have played in a LONG time, and hopefully they'll fix the bugs soon. It would be sweet to get a WCU Server up, I can see this game becoming extremely popular.
  9. HoN is not a new game. HoN is a stand-alone dota client. LoL is attempt at taking what worked from dota, and improving on that. LoL is a lot more fun than HoN and has a lot more potential for competitive play IMO. I also have beta keys for HoN available. If anyone wants one email me.
  10. The ratios of liberals:conservatives combined with the results shows that people trust news stations that tell them what they want to hear. If you just show the results it sounds like one news station is more honest or pure.
  11. Given that Fox is a conservative news station and the others are liberal. I think the fact that 39% of the people polled were conservative and 14% were liberal is relevant. If those numbers are correct then poll is a little light on the liberal side(it seems about 25% of the liberals got lost on the way). Care to share where you got those numbers? Also, Obama recieved 7% more of the popular vote than McCain so that's a bit off too.
  12. The point of the post was to let people know that 39% of the people in that poll considered themselves conservative where as only 14% considered themselves liberal. It seemed like a relevant piece of information that had been left out.
  13. You said "This generic flame negates your argument as it both helps and hurts your position equally, leaving you back in the same position from which you started." I asked, "Care to elaborate on what my position is and how that hurts it?" I figured you had some idea in your head as to what my position was seeing as you're claiming my posts hurt it. So, I asked you to elaborate. You replied "You came up with that article and quoted from it, not me. I got the facts of the poll from a different source. Commentary by the pollsters is typically used to try to explain why they didn't get th
  14. That's all very nice, but you didn't touch on my question at all.
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