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  1. Finally was able to grab the LAN videos a few days ago. I was told you guys could help at extracting the video into picture format? Anyone up to the task let me know. There is about 2 GB of videos in all.
  2. A meeting was held thursday, October 28 in the Cardinal room of the UC. This was not a general meeting, but more a get together of the students on campus to discuss complaints within the club and possible solutions for them. The articles in discussion are: 1. Reworking the forum rules. After looking at Liam's post on forum rules, what we proposed is actually pretty close to what we already have. What those at the meeting wanted was to have more definition of articles such as trolling, flaming, and off topic posts; and slightly more in the way of punishments for breaking said rules. 2.
  3. I will try to get up with keith tomorrow. Half the time I try to get hi he is out of his office in a meeting or out and about. Once I talk to him I will let you know the route we will take in printing. Should be soon though, thanks waffle
  4. From what I gather it was mainly update. I am not 100% sure everything he wants done though, and as such created this topic to put forth the notion. I will get him on here to further discuss what he wants done.
  5. There has been a request to rework the gaming servers by Felix, the PC VP. He believes this would help with operating the servers greatly, and I trust in his decision. For any of you smart ppl out there who want to help, or have some insight into the matters, PLEASE message on here before it begins. I know many will have opinions on this, and how it should be performed, so I open this thread up now to discuss what and how these changes will be made.
  6. Of those who are not attending this school anymore, what games would you like to see in the december lan, and also, are you going to attend? I was really hoping to see more alumni at the last lan but i understand, ppls got other obligations.
  7. quick, before dinner, the current execs are me, JJ, Eprium, Kaz Ka, Thor, Shananonnan, and Felix. ttyl man

  8. Sigh, I knew that was coming. We have RARELY had over 20 people for pc people on the last lans. Dont get me wrong, if we likely were going to have more than 24 people, they would have had the space. They could have had more tables to if needed, as I had planned ahead. Now, as per my predictions, we actually didnt have that many pc players, and everyone had ample room in my opinion. All in all everyone I talked to loved the new layout (many said it was really needed). The lan went well, we have about 70 something, which while not the highest attendance ever, we were able to get tons of new
  9. Schedule has a few variables we have to look at in the morning, games and systems related (not to mention the potential jacked up SC2 internet). The changes to the lay out are the wii's are where the 360's were, the 360's and the ps3's are over by the wall where food use to be, and the pc's have been streamlined into one long table. right now Pc's have 24-30 current spots, but more can be added on if need be, or the whole thing changed, it is still a work in progress kinda (not a biggie though). Whats all the changes gives us is a TON of room in the center of room, and the ability to s
  10. So, I created a new layout for the lan this year, its VERY different, but gives us SO much extra space for people, it doesnt feel all cramped like normal. We also have a unique prize system going, hope everyone likes the new changes.
  11. I offered to overnight you a stack if you'd just say something. I don't think the online community can get any more constructive or helpful than that... If you're busy, that's fine. If you're married, awesome. If you can't get the job done in time, ask for help. To that I agree Mitch, thank you. What I was referring to was the other people who were being negative on here.
  12. Now children, lets all get along now. (seriously, stop whining guys) We all can ask for help from time to time, but he has been working for the club guys. He was at the Scott/Walker events with me handing out flyers and getting the name of the club out to new freshmen. As for how they look, it is an old design, and it wasnt originally going to be the final one, just the Scott/Walker/LIFE stuff got in the way. I have already talked to him about the flyers and hanging them, so that is already dealt with. Further more, criticizing him is my job, so take a step back please. Also, pleas
  13. Im failing right now, I know there is a thread up about rules for the LAN, but I cant find it, anyone help...?
  14. Sorry guys, been SUPER busy lately with trying to get the LAN paid for, class projects ect. Yesterday we had a booth set up in the Scott Dormatory. From this, we met atleast 20 NEW students to the club, and gave out flyers regarding the lan. Wednesday should see me doing the same in Walker dorm, with flyers and a wii if possible. Friday I am setting up a table in the UC 2nd floor from 1-5 (table is actaully getting approval right now btw). Its looking like all this extra work may result in one of the biggest LAN turnouts ever. Im really hoping we get atleast 150 attendees or more this
  15. The best way would be to create a thread in exec discussion and post it as an attachment. Did I mention just how out of date the one they used to have was? lol Glad to hear this is getting done. In many ways it's more important for SGA to have the updated copy than the website Yeah, to make things easy, and with the go ahead from mike corele (sp?) I waited til the day after the meeting to submit the "SGA Club Verification form" so that the Fall 2010 copy of the form will have THE most update copy of the constitution.
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