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    Being awesome, juggling, not being photogenic, CSS, world of warcrack, regular crack, locks, words that end in ck, making lists of my interests.

    You know, in hindsight I should have just copied this from my facebook.
  1. So, I am picking this game up today for PC and am looking for 2 others to round out my group (anyone else here think 3 is a really awkward number?). I know several have it or are thinking of getting it. Anyway, let me know so we can plan something. In terms of play time I have to work around a teaching/coaching schedule, so that typically means some days I am really busy and other days not so much.
  2. alright fast for 200 pints of lager, what is banana + 2 and the derivative of Beer? what's with you and bananas? What about bananas?
  3. I like the idea of a thowback night. Only problem is it seems like just yesterday we were playing those maps. Maybe in a month or two I will be ready to revisit them.
  4. I still think you need to include lines from the "I'm the juggernaut *edited*!" parody. This is a very necessary improvement. Link below if you don't know what I am talking about.
  5. Wow. I JUST realized your name had something to do with South Carolina. I always thought it was some weird Italian sounding last name.
  6. Just trying to make some friends here do you always have to buy your friends? Ouch Rob, a bit harsh don't you think?
  7. For some reason I started sucking. Apparently I need to acquire some more of this "skill" people keep talking about...
  8. What did you have in mind for the admin tier system? I have given a system like this some thought and would be curious to know what you had planned. Any details if you can give them would be appreciated.
  9. We couldn't figure out what was blocking the port, but managed to start css through a different port. Major thanks to Mat0, Ex, Citan, and everyone else who helped me through all this.
  10. Update: We figured out the router and did all the port forwarding things but still no dice. Port checker says the ports are still blocked. I don't think any firewalls are blocking them. No clue what to do next =( Edit: I called the ISP this morning to see if they might be blocking the ports, but they said they do not block any ports.
  11. For the life of me I can't tell what router I have. The thing seriously has no brand markings. It's whatever one Time warner gives you nowadays. Also Ex convinced me to uninstall steam so now i have to dl css again. I sent a picture of some of the lables on the router to citan for him to tell me what kind it is, but he is being fat right now.
  12. I tried Age of Chivalry. It does not work either, so it seems that all steam games don't function
  13. So, i've discussed this with just about anyone who will listen, but I still can't seem to get this to work. We got Time Warner cable today at the new house I am living in. Once we did I brought my computer in from my old house and hooked it up. I got the internet working, and everything is fine EXCEPT for CSS. For some reason I can get on steam, even find servers, but any time I try to connect to one, it doesn't work. It says it fails after 4 attempts every time. I have tried pretty much everything I can think of or that has been suggested (e.g. restarting steam, checking my ports,
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