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  1. Update: AlienWare agrees to sponsor FireLAN 2009. More sponsorships on the way.
  2. sounds like you haven't played cs that long
  3. actually, there will be alot of 1.6 Cal-M/Cal-I (literally) players being there we have a team coming from chicago that competed in CPLs. 1.6 is still popular and it is more competitive in LAN than source, and acctually the hit boxes in 1.6 are more accurate than source.
  4. rgr that! I expect to see a registration soon from yall
  5. I would like to see a LAN team rep WCU at FireLAN <3
  6. Hi, My name is Nathan Tisdale, I am the Event Planner for FireLAN2009. FireLAN is a 100man B.Y.O.C LAN Event that will be held in Lancaster, South Carolina. In this LAN Event we will be hosting a $1,000 Counter-Strike 1.6 Tournament (Teams Only) and also Guitar Hero: World Tour Battle of the Band tournament and other games on consoles. Registration Started today, February 9th, 2009 www.myspace.com/FireLANcaster for more information and to register! Go! Go! Go!
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