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  1. http://www.gamespot.com/pc/action/callofduty7workingtitle/news.html?sid=6274928&tag=topslot;img;5&mode=previews So, if you skip down to the fourth paragraph(3rd block of text under the first imbedded video), you will find that Gamespot, curiously unaware to any form of modding whatsoever, finds that CoD: Black Ops the incestuous bedfellows that are incubating it have invented "gungame." You start off with a pistol, then with each kill, you get a better gun. Guess what happens if you get knifed? You drop down a level. Didn't this start off in cs 1.6? At least track d
  2. I remember I kinda lost interest in CS:S for CoD4 because of the stats progression in CoD4... Maybe something like that? I remember we had some kind of rank, but something more in depth might be more appealing.
  3. distemper


    Yeah, so, I kinda dropped off the map when my screen went bonkers and I feel helplessly head over heels over this girl because I was worn out and had stress-induced beer goggles... But, screen problem is now fixed(it was not a broken gfx card, it was a messed up inverter) and to say that the relationship actually worked out would be a overstatement... So, I'm kinda back? I guess? Will be busy with school soon, and who knows what the future holds... but, hopefully, will see ya'll ingame soon.
  4. Er, is everyone talking about HoN now? If anyone wants to play LoL, I'm starting to get back into it.
  5. Honestly, I'm not sure. I actually went on Machinima's forums earlier today, and it seems like capture cards do work with PCs, since people have several posts that imply that they have video captured using capture cards. I need to finish a paper at the moment, but, if I find out something interesting, a hardware alternative to Fraps would certainly be interesting, since even Fraps can take a toll on framerate on weaker systems when recording.
  6. I do like, LoL, though I haven't played in a really long time.
  7. My bad, I guess. I don't know much about this stuff, but apparently, with the XBox or the PS3, you can "capture" your gameplay from a TV screen and transfer that to your computer using a capture card. What I was hoping was that it would work with a regular LCD screen as well. Guess not.
  8. Capture cards won't capture video from my computer? Really? There's nothing like the capture cards that work for the PS3 or the Xbox 360, only for PC? Again, the reason why I won't buy from the internet or fraps is the lack of a credit card. So, it's not an option, at all.
  9. OMG FRAPZ Well, that seems to be the definite, obvious answer. But, since I avoid buying things on the internet, I refuse to buy fraps, but I also refuse to pirate software. Is there something like fraps I can use, but that I can also purchase in say... BestBuy? I tried all the free alternatives to fraps but they just either: A) Crash the game Get me kicked by anti-cheat C) Lag my computer to oblivion.
  10. Hey MasterP, That is the right driver. The driver I was using before this was the 9200M GS driver downloaded from the nVidia website: http://www.nvidia.com/object/notebook_winvista_win7_x64_195.62_whql.html The thing is, under supported products, my card is listed under 9M Series. As for the Hardware IDs, I found them, and there are a few: PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_06E8&SUBSYS_3603103C&REV_A1 PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_06E8&SUBSYS_3603103C PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_06E8&CC_030000 PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_06E8&CC_0300 Thanks again for helping. @ Nickname:
  11. Actually, this is kind of the problem. I am running Windows 7, but I'm not supposed to be running Windows 7 on this computer. According to the tech support guy, I should be running vista on this computer and all the 2008 drivers. Yes, the dv series has Windows 7 drivers, but apparently, not this one. Microsoft's software check approved my computer to run Win7, but the guy told me that if I was running Win7 on this computer, even if I had an extended warranty, they would not do anything for me unless I reverted my system back to Vista, since I was in breach of the warranty by changing th
  12. Falcon, you got it right again. I contacted HP, and the guy was able to give me a hand, even though my warranty expired. According to them, it's not my systems board/motherboard, but rather, the fact that I have Windows 7 and a newer graphics driver installed. I was originally going to wait it out after being skeptical about what MasterP said, but then I got scared when more problems started happening, such as these faint horizontal gray bars(kinda like what you see on CRT screens when they're filmed, except more of them) moving from the top of the screen towards the bottom. So, I ca
  13. Alright, I'll contact them as soon as possible... Do I need to back up any data, or will that not be affected? Also, wait, is system board=motherboard? Cause that might alleviate A LOT of my confusion...
  14. Huh? What? Thanks for the info... but, can you elaborate? What's a systemboard? I can't get it replaced immediately, since this is the only computer I have at the moment... again, this only happens during startup and watching full screen video for a few seconds. Finally, is there anything I shouldn't be doing while this is still a problem, like, play a game, etc...?
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