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  1. I am so desperate to play video games with people I am playing Fake wow... Please bring the server back fake wow is cool and all but COME ON MAN!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Ok what has happened?... The new age gaming has been taken over just like obama has taken over the united states. No body plays CS:S anymore ITS JANUARY PRIME GAMING MONTH!!!!!!! Its cold outside and everyone is either on the computer looking at bad pictures or looking at somebody on facebook hoping they can hollla. LET FIX the servers and have happy fun time. Miss you all even Chanz (thats bad) come on and lets play something anything....
  3. COME ON LETS PLAY SOME CS:S I am bored!!!!!!!!!
  4. Shirts with the server IP on them! Wear them around campus! I would wear it in public but I think we need to try to take it to a whole new level.
  5. Mario Kart NBA Jam Excite Bike Mike Tyson Punch Out Tom Clancy Rainbow Six Zelda Ocarina of Time World Of Warcraft Pre BC Counter Strike Halo DOOM Tetris!
  6. We killed 8 that day... It was my gf first kill she didn't rip the heart open like it should of been done! But she still did a great job!
  7. I will try to be there with the AUTOSHOTTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. My girlfriend stuck her 1st hog Saturday! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ByMJJHEV5do Haven't seen a lot of y'all. Hope all is well!
  9. I support the topic Its a fun game! Anyone in college near Summerville,SC I will buy a windows 7 from yah the student version.
  10. These servers own like this girl gets owned!!!!!!! http://www.break.com/index/big-chick-falls-off-table.html
  11. No I always carry a gun with buckshot. Most of the time they don't sequel that much. But I have had hogs charge me b4.
  12. Wild Hogs will kill you man.... They are the closest thing to a lion you will ever see. I have seen a wild hog kill 3 dogs in a matter of 30 seconds. Wild hogs the world would be a better place without them.. I hunt them year round and kill about 30 a year.
  13. they are the worst disease that has ever hit the southeast I wish I could kill them all. I killed all 3 with one shot... It was luck 100%.
  14. WORST IDEA EVER!!! Xray this just shows that you haven't hit puberty yet. 24/7 dust is the worst idea ever. Eww just eww
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