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  1. Really needs to be restricted, not even fun to play on your server when people have magic AWP skills.
  2. Ya i dont like the rotation, and half of the time people just rtv at the last minute to inferno, definatly need some dodgeball, pool day, cs_bikini.
  3. i should get a free slot or admin since im forced to this server
  4. guess i have to poke around since i cant go on any other server
  5. I recently got cs back and i went on a server(not your server) and it went to your server for not reason with out me joining. Tried some other servers, all connected to your server. i tried uninstalling and reinstalling, restarting my comp, ETC. only one of server ive tried doesnt connect to yours. So im stuck on your guy's server . while im stuck on your server..i recommend adding he_dodgeball to the map list
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