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  1. iKnife

    Diablo II

    Yeah, I looked on the blizzard online store and they sell like the pack of 3 diablo expansion things and its $20 but they either have to ship it to you or just give you the key. But since I don't have a credit card I'm SOL anyways.
  2. iKnife

    Diablo II

    lol im hoping to go buy diablo 2 tomorrow. i went to walmart and gamestop today to get it and all they had was the battle chest for $40 and all i had was 25 so i gotta go back tomorrow with moar $$$.
  3. i know. shes freakin hot. but so is will ferrall.
  4. nvm found her. she has like adhd. lol.
  5. Granted, but by ill I mean you are extremely sick and die a very painful death. I wish I had an unlimited supply of snack packs.
  6. How To Play You grant the wish of the poster before you... but corrupt it against their plans.. You also post your own wish to keep the chain going... Examples Poster 1: I wish I was surrounded by beautiful women. Poster 2: Granted, but the women all have herpes. Poster 2: I wish I had a wallet full of 100's. Poster 3: Granted, but noone has any change. Poster 3: I wish I could fly. Poster 4: Granted, but gravity is multiplied 10x and your crushed to the ground. and so on and so forth! --------------------------------------- I'll start I wish I ha
  7. that link didnt work. idk if its just me.
  8. Lol well then they aren't options.
  9. Just watch the Diablo 3 vid on their website and it looks so badass. I want to get it the day it comes out. The only thing I'm worried about is if I'd be able to run it well on my crap pc. But if I can I'm gonna be taking a LONG break from CS to play it because I was in awe watching that video.
  10. Lol what are some other good games?
  11. I'm not getting it so I will lag less, I'd be getting for it a new game to play and to see what it's like.
  12. So I've been a 1.6 player for a couple years now and I've never played Source. Lately, I've been thinking about buying source to try it out. What are some of the differences between Source and 1.6?
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