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  1. Hey all. If you haven't heard of the game HvZ, click this link: http://humansvszombies.org/ It's a campus wide game of tag lasting a whole week. If you get tagged, you're a zombie, so on and so forth, read it yourself. Anyways, we have been approved and we will play starting February 19! Please go here: http://smokesgroup.hvzsource.com/rules.php To look at our specific rules and to register. Remember you are not allowed to participate if you do not register! It will only take a minute, and if you decide that you change your mind and don't want to play, just email us after signing up
  2. And on a completely different note, I am going to win this costume contest. ~ MadNik, thinking you all should "Get over here!"
  3. Racing? Is C.Falcon available? He could win on foot. With no items.
  4. Oh yeah, dress as your favorite video game character? Sounds cool to me. ~MadNik, calling Scorpion from Mortal Kombat before anyone else can get their sweaty hands on it...
  5. I failed that course when I answered the last question of the final incorrectly. The question was: Who is the greatest SSB character of all time. I wrote "Captain Falcon" Apparently the answer is "OMG CAPTAIN FAAAAAALCOOOOON FTW!!!1!1" along with a detailed drawing of him punching a baby. ~ MadNik, wishing he had studied harder for the final exam.
  6. I wasn't aware that anyone owned a PSP. Not saying it's a stupid machine or anything, I just don't personally know anyone who ever wanted one. ~MadNik, thinking a PSP tournament would involve a two person bracket.
  7. I am aware that Metaknight is one of those characters that are boarderlined-banned in most tournaments, but there's a possibility of losing players if we were to make a rule against the use of certain characters. I don't use him, but I know he's popular among some players. Just know that once the "best" character is banned, there is a new "best" character to take his/her spot, and then the ban hammer will continue to pound it's way down the list. It's better to just leave it just the way it is. ~ MadNik, thinking Princess Peach is better than Metaknight anyday.
  8. Hello, my name is Nicholas Rutherford, I found one of the club's fliars and was interested in what the buzz is about. I guess I'd consider myself somewhat of a gamer, so I just registered. If I'm correct, the next meeting is in about an hour and a half, so I'll do my best to make it. See you all later. ~ MadNik, wondering if he has the date for the meeting right.
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