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  1. TL;DR: Joe resigned from Prez Frank is now Prez Joshua Rudd is now PC VP Joe had not booked Grand Room, going to be using UC MPRs instead. Going to try to hold another lan Dec. 1st. Exec meeting on Wednsday at 9pm via skype. Meeting Minutes, 10/22/2012 First matter of business was electing a new president, as Joe (Thor) recently resigned from the position. As stated in the constitution, either of the VPs can step up to the role. Frank offered to step up to President, all other execs supported this. Later in the meeting, Josh Rudd offered to fill the PC VP slot and all other execs approved the motion and Joshua is now PC VP. Next, we set up rules for games. League of Legends will be 5v5 Summoner’s Rift Draft Mode, with Rengar and the new champion (Ellise?) banned if she comes out before the LAN. Team Fortress will be ran the same way we usually have, using a team control point map like Harvest or Badlands, teamsize dependent on turnout. CS:GO will be a demolition map, team sized based on turnout. Minecraft will be using a PVP survival “Hunger Games” mod and map. GoW will be 4v4 or 2v2 elimination race to 5. MK9 will be 1v1 best of 3 matches. Wurms be a free for all with top 2 advancing to the next round. Twisted Metal will be free for all, top 2 advance to next round, using the Merlin and/or Ghosttown maps. Melee will be 4 stock, 1v1, no items, best of 3 matches with a list of banned stages, loser picking next stage. Double Dash will be 1v1 single elimination Matt took a tally of the systems/TVs/games we have for the console games. We need to borrow more copies of Mortal Kombat and Gears of War. As always, players are encouraged to bring any system or gear they want to and are welcome to organize their own multiplayer setups so long as they don’t interfere with official events. We informed the freshmen at the meeting about our weekly mini-lans. We discussed seating and table positions for the PC and Xbox games, Matt drew up a diagram that he will get to the UC employees. Matt, using his UC connections, decided to make sure the Grand Room was booked. Unfortunately, Joe (previous president) did not book the room. The executives made the decision to switch to the UC MPRs (Frank reserved these after the meeting). We also aim to book the UC Grand Room December 1st for the LAN after this one. We brought up the topic of budget for the upcoming LAN, but we did not have the information on how much was in the box at that time, so we planned an executive meeting via skype on Wednesday to discuss this topic. The executives talked to Joshua about the responsibilities of PC VP and will contact Felix to give him advice. I apologize on behalf of the club that we did not have time to set up an event schedule. We will finalize one during the executive meeting. Atendees: Sean Dowey Matt Driver Javron Washington Frank D’Auria Antoinette Carey Brandon Harris Elizabeth-Ann Diehl Michael Huffman Konishka Weerannody (sp?) Joshua Rudd Daniel Gauldin Walter Thomas Snow Carrion Michael Smith
  2. It's pretty much to finalize things before the next LAN (posters, rules, etc) and to discuss communications issues between executives.
  3. https://orgsync.com/36775/chapter
  4. October 22nd, 8pm, UC Dogwood Room. For more details, check out Orgsync and Facebook pages.
  5. Update: Snow will continue to be Treasurer and Marketer.
  6. --Attendance Michael Huffman Mike Curtis Joseph Delong Snow Carrion Amanda Grippe Christian Broome Rogen Gardener Jay Washington Matt Driver Josh Shank BJ Wanlund Felix Daniels Sean Dowey --Meeting started promptly at 8:30, however two non-executive members arrived late. Joe started discussing upcoming LANs and how the UC grand room was booked solid for the rest of the year. He brought up an idea of his of having events smaller than the regular LAN events, but significantly larger than the mini-LANs. (Although no official name was agreed up for this type of event, I’m going to refer to them as semi-LANs for this document.) These events would be hosted in the UC multipurpose rooms, and would only have 3 games and have a more social focus. There will still be prizes and entry fees. Although there won’t be another traditional LAN this semester, they will resume next semester alongside the “semi-LANs” with the “semi-LANs” occurring roughly every month that doesn’t have a traditional LAN. Joe has booked the UC MPRs April 29th for the first of these new LAN events, with the games League of Legends (PC), Modern Warfare 3 (360), and Soul Caliber 5 (PS3) to be played. The issue of TF2, L4D2, and WC3 not being completed at the last LAN was brought up. TF2 wasn’t finished due to tournament time conflicts with Halo, WC3 didn’t have an attendance sheet and there wasn’t much interest in it. Dungeon Defenders was discussed as a free-play at upcoming event due to its popularity. The game’s capture the flag mode was brought up as a possible tournament, but was shot down due to balance issues. There was a discussion about the various communication channels the club is using. Some members brought up the need for a Twitter account. Apparently, the club has a twitter account, but none of the current executives have access to it. Efforts will be made to promote events through twitter. The topic of using the advertisements on facebook was also brought up, but concerns were brought up about its cost effectiveness. Additionally, some members brought up discrepancies between the forums, the website, and the facebook page. Snow discussed how she felt some content on the forum might turn away potential sponsors. The conversation changed to prizes and sponsorship, and Snow mentioned she could probably get a sponsorship from Razor, but would need to talk to them two months ahead of the event. I brought up replacing the League of Legends pre-paid cards with Gamestop gift cards, as the Gamestop cards can be used to purchase LoL prepaid cards or a variety of other products. This got generally positive feedback. Monetary prizes were discussed, but were shot down due to issues with the Department of Student Community Ethics. Alternative forms of advertising such as using the student mailroom and mini-flyers on Papa John’s boxes were discussed. Apparently, the mailroom refused the offer in the past. Some attendees at the meeting mentioned how a non-executive member of the club told them the Xbox games for the last LAN were cancelled, hence why they didn’t attend the LAN. Said member accused of spreading the misinformation was not at the meeting. A student promoting a new live-action on campus game somewhat similar to Humans vs. Zombies based on the video game “The World Ends with You” met with the club to promote the game. The game will include a variety of live-action missions on campus, and will have a focus on meeting new people. While the student didn’t leave any contact information, he said there will be posters up around campus after spring break which will tell students how they can get involved. Kazka brought up League of Legends rules, specifically people scouting their opponent’s champions to ban via match result history. Jay mentioned some tournaments forgo bans every match for a handful of champions to be banned outright. Many people were interested in the idea, and we may implement a minor meeting to vote on it before the next event. I proposed doing double elimination over single elimination, but we will need to determine the times for all the games before deciding. There was some concern over screen-looking and over-hearing opponents. Floor layouts were proposed to remedy this. Also, someone suggested having a spectator account watch the game and have it screened onto a projector somewhere else in the room. Someone informed the club that Battlefield 3 is apparently getting servers that can be “rented” soon. This may help enable LAN events. A few people brought up the issue of having an office. Joe said he put in the paperwork to try to get an office in the UC for the club. Alternatives proposed included a room in the Brown building or the CRIB. The possibility of holding TCG events such as Magic the Gathering or Yu-gi-oh was discussed, as there have been weekly TCG meetings (not really a club, but there is consistently good attendance). The main issue is the Department of Student Community Ethics’ policy on gambling; as they see holding entry fee and giving prizes away in a manner a hobby shop does to be gambling. We discussed the possibility of setting up a type of mailing list via XBL, PSN, and Steam. Viability of these will be assessed. --Adjourned at 9:35
  7. League of Legends: 1st: Team Don't Give a *edited* (Cristian, Mark, Clint, Cator, Potter) 2nd: Fellate the Equus (Snow, Felix, Sean, Gomez, Blake) Soul Calibur: 1st: Kyle Joyce 2nd: Garret Gomez Brawl: 1st: Trevor Lemly 2nd: Scare Twisted Metal: 1st: Sawyer Lawler 2nd: Ryan Robinson Halo Reach: 1st: Team LikeABoss 2nd: Team Random ZO Goldeneye: 1st: Mike Masson 2nd: Hobert Cambell Pokemon Black/White: 1st: Sean Dowey 2nd: Frank D'Auria Attendance 1. Andrew 2. Thor 3. Alex Berry 4. Toxca 5. Ryan Robinson 6. Michael Eid 7. Amanda Grippe 8. Shahida Uthman 9. Haroun Azizi 10. Stephen Juhleen 11. Frank D'Auria 12. Felix 13. Sean Dowey 14. Sawyer Lawler 15. King_Terminal 16. Josh Shank 17. Brandon Dabok 18. Micheal Huffman 19. Kelly ^ 20. Walter Thomas 21. Mike Masson 22. BJ Wanlund 23. Grant Ownbey 24. Rogen 25. Colby Gardener 26. Josh 27. Cristian Broome 28. Colby Gardener 29. Kat Brown 30. Dan Rochester 31. ??? 32. Dustin Freck 33. Tyler H. 34. Clinton Roberts 35. Javron Washington 36. Mark Paradzlnsky 37. Christian Lovingood 38. Hoobie's Heart 39. Garret Gomez 40. Josh Catly 41. Sasha Trantham 42. Ephraim Freed 43. ??? 44. Albert Hermandez 45. Blake McKenzie 46. Trevor Lemly 47. ??? 48. Anne Dellinger 49. Micheal Hicks 50. Andrew Burlington 51. William "Tyler" Askew 52. Micheal Grill 53. Justin Guy 54. Casey Haynes 55. Shawron Coleman 56. Ben Purdy 57. Snow Carrion
  8. --Attendance --Name / Gamer Tag Sean Dowey / Liquid Snow Carrion Michael Huffman / Kazka Amanda Grippe / Studious1 BJ Wanlund Ryan Robinson / thisthat Frank D’Auria / Frankage Joe Delong / Thor Haroun Azizi / Gunrose Felix Daniels Mike Curtis / toXca --Meeting starts at 8:10. Rules for ModNation Racers are discussed. Some concern is raised over user-made content, but the club to prohibit the user-made maps from the tournament. Side events were brought up. Free play tournaments for Twisted Metal and Blazblue will be held. The club discussed who can bring consoles and televisions. Sufficient TVs, Wiis, and PS3s were found, but more Xbox 360’s will be needed. There was a discussion on League of Legends. Felix confirmed that it will be Summoner’s Rift, and the tournament will be draft mode. The time for the Pokemon tournament was set for 7:00. The rules were discussed, and the club agreed on using Smogon’s Clauses and OU Banlist (http://www.smogon.com/bw/banlist/). There was some concern over the software for Brawl +, but the club found enough systems with it to work. Before the LAN, some members stated they had an issue with the Xbox part of the club. However, they never specified nor attended the meeting. Further concern was had over the possible lack of Xbox 360s. Players wanting to play the Xbox games are encouraged to bring their console. Soul Calibur, Halo, and Gears of War rule sets were mentioned and confirmed. Kazka brought up the issue of prizes. Joe discussed the possibilities of getting prizes from local businesses (including Wal-Mart) and getting club t-shirts to use as prizes while also helping advertising. Amanda suggested possibly using Japanese calligraphy as prizes. The club discussed having a LAN in April, but it could be difficult due to bookings. Joe mentioned having trouble contacting Keith Corzine, Kazka offered advice. Food is secured for the LAN. Felix clarified L4D2 rules Joe discussed the possibility of advertising at and prizes donated from The Nexus. Snow discussed possibility of homemade cupcakes as secondary prizes as well as door prizes, Haroun brought up the issue of people possibly being allergic. Snow said that if cupcakes are made, she will warn people about allergens. Kazka mentioned he still had control of the club’s Orgsync site and wanted to switch control of it to Joe. Snow showed off the flyers she made for advertising. There was generally positive feedback due to the design and addition of QR codes on each of them. Someone warned her about WCU possibly taking down posters with women with “inappropriate clothing” such as Ivy from Soul Calibur. The poster that caused the discussion included Sona’s somewhat revealing clothing. However, as that was a small part of the flyer, the club thought it won’t cause an issue. Creating posters promoting the mini-LANs were also discussed. --Meeting dismissed at 8:54.
  9. ****Note: Before the meeting, Felix was actually determined as the temporary secretary for the meeting, and he wrote the minutes. I just bolded the key points (officers/games)**** Meeting starts First topic - Rooms for LAN, April 10?, March 17? First LAN coincides with St Patrick's day Blue Ridge Ballroom suggested, netwroking issues LMP has booked many rooms over the simester way before we had Sean speaks about LoL Two seperate events, one Dom, one Rift Owe secretary a prize for LoL Haroun suggests we get on with it Ryan talks about Sean's idea, does not like it Thor suggested we improve the Mini-lans to Semi-lans, including other games and LoL Elections start, suggested we do games first Games first passes PC: + TF2 9 + L4D2 8 + LoL 10 SCII 2 SW:BF2 3 + WC3 6 CS:S 4 Wii: Bowling 1 + Smash 8 TvC 4 MarioKart 2 + Goldeneye 5 Kriby Air Ride 1 Pikmin 0 NBAJ 2 Melee 3 Brawl 0 + Brawl+ 8 Brawl- Infinite PS3: + SC5 7 Worms 5 BB:CS:Ex 5 + ModNation 7 MK9 1 UMVC3 0 KOF13 1 360: Kinetic 0 MW3 3 --JSRF 5-- + GoW3 4 + Halo 6 Reach BF3 2 MK9 2 UMVC3 1 SFXT 1 Forza4 1 GH 4 JSRF Side Tournament HH: + Pkmn BW 6 FFDO12 1 BB:EX 0 UMVC3 1 SFXT 1 MarioKart 0 ___EXEC POSITON ELECTIONS___ President: BJ 2 Thor 7 PC VP: Felix UNOPPOSED!!! PC Aps: Haroun Brian Jhonson Console VP: Ryan Secretary: KO!!! Sean 8 Frank 0 Marketing: Wiard 1 Robinson 2 + Snow 7 Yay, Colors! Treasurer: Historian: + Haroun 4 +1 G 0 Ryan 4 2:00: Goldeneye 2:30: League of Legends 4:00: Warcraft 3 4:00: Brawl + 4:00: Gears of War 3 6:30: Team Fortress 2 6:30: Soul Calibur 5 8:00: Halo 8:30: Left 4 Dead 2 10:00: Modnation
  10. Back on topic: Kratos and Sweet Tooth confirmed.
  11. Honestly, I don't even remember off the top of my head who the secretary is. I was just there when Kaz counted the attendance sheet.
  12. Which is why we had over a hundred people at the last one?
  13. http://gamerant.com/sony-super-smash-bros-clone-announcement-curt-113571/ Might be cool.
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