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  1. TL;DR: Joe resigned from Prez Frank is now Prez Joshua Rudd is now PC VP Joe had not booked Grand Room, going to be using UC MPRs instead. Going to try to hold another lan Dec. 1st. Exec meeting on Wednsday at 9pm via skype. Meeting Minutes, 10/22/2012 First matter of business was electing a new president, as Joe (Thor) recently resigned from the position. As stated in the constitution, either of the VPs can step up to the role. Frank offered to step up to President, all other execs supported this. Later in the meeting, Josh Rudd offered to fill the PC VP slot and all other execs
  2. It's pretty much to finalize things before the next LAN (posters, rules, etc) and to discuss communications issues between executives.
  3. https://orgsync.com/36775/chapter
  4. October 22nd, 8pm, UC Dogwood Room. For more details, check out Orgsync and Facebook pages.
  5. Update: Snow will continue to be Treasurer and Marketer.
  6. --Attendance Michael Huffman Mike Curtis Joseph Delong Snow Carrion Amanda Grippe Christian Broome Rogen Gardener Jay Washington Matt Driver Josh Shank BJ Wanlund Felix Daniels Sean Dowey --Meeting started promptly at 8:30, however two non-executive members arrived late. Joe started discussing upcoming LANs and how the UC grand room was booked solid for the rest of the year. He brought up an idea of his of having events smaller than the regular LAN events, but significantly larger than the mini-LANs. (Although no official name was agreed up for this type of event, I’m goin
  7. League of Legends: 1st: Team Don't Give a *edited* (Cristian, Mark, Clint, Cator, Potter) 2nd: Fellate the Equus (Snow, Felix, Sean, Gomez, Blake) Soul Calibur: 1st: Kyle Joyce 2nd: Garret Gomez Brawl: 1st: Trevor Lemly 2nd: Scare Twisted Metal: 1st: Sawyer Lawler 2nd: Ryan Robinson Halo Reach: 1st: Team LikeABoss 2nd: Team Random ZO Goldeneye: 1st: Mike Masson 2nd: Hobert Cambell Pokemon Black/White: 1st: Sean Dowey 2nd: Frank D'Auria Attendance 1. Andrew 2. Thor 3. Alex Berry 4. Toxca 5. Ryan Robinson 6. Michael Eid 7. Amanda Grippe 8. Shahid
  8. --Attendance --Name / Gamer Tag Sean Dowey / Liquid Snow Carrion Michael Huffman / Kazka Amanda Grippe / Studious1 BJ Wanlund Ryan Robinson / thisthat Frank D’Auria / Frankage Joe Delong / Thor Haroun Azizi / Gunrose Felix Daniels Mike Curtis / toXca --Meeting starts at 8:10. Rules for ModNation Racers are discussed. Some concern is raised over user-made content, but the club to prohibit the user-made maps from the tournament. Side events were brought up. Free play tournaments for Twisted Metal and Blazblue will be held. The club discussed who can bring consoles and
  9. ****Note: Before the meeting, Felix was actually determined as the temporary secretary for the meeting, and he wrote the minutes. I just bolded the key points (officers/games)**** Meeting starts First topic - Rooms for LAN, April 10?, March 17? First LAN coincides with St Patrick's day Blue Ridge Ballroom suggested, netwroking issues LMP has booked many rooms over the simester way before we had Sean speaks about LoL Two seperate events, one Dom, one Rift Owe secretary a prize for LoL Haroun suggests we get on with it Ryan talks about Sean's idea, does not like it Thor sugg
  10. Back on topic: Kratos and Sweet Tooth confirmed.
  11. Honestly, I don't even remember off the top of my head who the secretary is. I was just there when Kaz counted the attendance sheet.
  12. Which is why we had over a hundred people at the last one?
  13. http://gamerant.com/sony-super-smash-bros-clone-announcement-curt-113571/ Might be cool.
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