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  1. If I can help hang in Forsyth, I can, as I'm going to be in Forsyth till 5 or so. BJ
  2. BJWanlund is mine (keeping to the dictum of K.I.S.S.)
  3. ...and JUST as I bought myself the Marvel vs. Capcom 3 TE FightStick for my new PS3 too... Nice job MadCatz... BJ
  4. Actually, there was a Madden tourney several weeks back sponsored by WCU Intramural Sports and the turnout was 36 people or something ridiculous like that. If we really hit the promotion now very hard and very fast, we'll get one heck of a turnout for this LAN and this tourney in particular. BJ
  5. Erm... I MEANT what they were doing with the "Wiimote as lightgun equivalent" thing. BJ
  6. I think you mean the Jump Super Stars and Jump Ultimate Stars games, because there is currently NO Smash Brothers game on the DS officially. BJ
  7. Well, that might be the way to go then, because I think that would be fine so far as not to give an unfair advantage to the arcade stick players, i.e. giving them a level playing field. BJ
  8. Ahh, the original orange-and-grey NES Zapper. Man, that was so much fun. So much fun, in fact, that I was for a while considering modding it in order to play Duck Hunt on something other than a tube TV. :/ Let's hope Nintendo knows what it's doing with this Wiimote thing, the closest shell I've seen to that old NES Zapper is actually the Nyko PerfectShot. But, I'm not the Treehouse Group at Nintendo. BJ
  9. Maybe this is the fabled Super Smash Brothers DS... (I guess the DS will stand for something, sort of like Guilty Gear Dust Strikers...) BJ
  10. I'm not totally AGAINST the use of arcade sticks, IF both players had sticks. Just saying. BJ
  11. OH! I see what you were saying now, Raven! Sorry, I should've called the analog stick on the PSP the analog NUB. Either way, it's an analog SOMETHING. BJ
  12. Next time I see him (I tend to see him around), I'll ask him. BJ
  13. This is an actual PSP port, not the PSP Remote Play we HAVE had on the PS3 version of Blazblue. And BTW, if I think you called me a "newb". Couldn't quite tell with that u in there. BJ
  14. Sorry for the all caps title, but holy crap, this is HUGE. http://kotaku.com/5396924/blazblue-getting-the-psp-treatment Yay, now (when/if I get my PSP) I can expect to play Blazblue: Calamity Trigger on it without Remote Playing it!!!! Now, hopefully I can get my hands on a PSP Go (probably at Best Buy, they have the best PSP display units of anyone) and feel how good the thing is in my hands. My one beef with the PSP-1K/2K/3K is the D-pad spacing (since I like a real D-pad and not an analog stick whenever possible). BJ
  15. Doesn't sound like a real MTG sort of game, at least, not like Magic Online or the XBLA title Duels of the Planeswalkers. BJ
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