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  1. Anyone playing LoL? Looking for some ranked premades or practice for the lan. add me in game bmrossman
  2. ight just making sure that it wasn't just me. I might try and bring it up at the next meeting.
  3. >:| /transfer (lol j/k) Thanks again P, port 80 is smtp correct? cuz if it only filtered port 80 then that shouldnt have any affect on the common gaming ports. It's choking the upload rate especially on the system, download is still ok, but its the upload that kills the games imo. once again I'll see who i can *edited* off in IT and get *edited* done.
  4. Now im not one to rage, never have been....but im going to. Ok so, the internet last year was freaking amazing. No lag. Full speed. No Bumps. After we got the new IT manager guy, the internet has been slowed to a crawl. This is the second time that I have had problems with ports being filtered or closed on the school's internet this year. First is was on the PC, now on the PS3. I know that the school doesn't sanction gaming but dang, this blows. I used to be able to play anyone of my games on my PC or PS3 with no problems. Now any game i play on PC, SC2, CoDMW2, BO, anything lags the hell out and skips. I'm running a 2.8 quad with gts 450 gfx card, no reason i should lag. WHATSOEVER. FML. now i cant even play PS3 after giving up on the lag on pc and i want to drop kick the guy in the face for what he's doing. I even have problems SKYPING!? WDFFF. If there is any hope of "Good internet" again, if there is such a thing, please let me know whose....well i'lll keep it PG. I've been having an error code when I try and connect to the playstation network by using the ethernet. The error code is 80028E05(server connection timed out). I googled and scanned psn forums and a lot of people are experiencing this problem after an update a little while ago with no solution and the only solution tech support says that the college needs to unblock ports. Anyone having this problem too? -rossman
  5. ill be there again......... but did you play on putting juggernaut on there too? I definitely like the addition of the scrim maps but we still didnt draw any people besides people that are on the forums and a couple of friends.....and there is never anyone in server
  6. i mean an ex girlfriend called me rossy :\ but i guess there is another rossy here?
  7. rossman


    So should i call tomorrow and ask for Andy? lol and why not?
  8. OK OK OK......so...... I don't think that I've ever formally introduced myself, even though I know a handful or have played games with you. -I'm Brandon Rossman aka Rêvërß in game -I'm an electrical engineering major and a sophomore here at WCU. -I've always been into computers and games since I was young. -I've played drums for 9 years and marched in the marching band for 5 years. Gaming experience: -CSS --Admin on our CSS server --Cal-O season 7 --Scrimmed all last year MW2 (PC) -Played 2 months of the MLG season on the #1 ranked team "Crunchy Socks" -Beat the campaign on Vet 7 hours after it was released on steam MMORPG -Played WoW for a year or so -Played Aion until the school internet went *edited* this year Other games I have installed on my steam account -Aion -Altitude -Audiosurf -MW2 -Company of Heroes -Company of Heroes- Tales of Valor -Counter Strike -Counter Strike- Condition Zero -Counter Strike- Source -Fallout 3- Game of the year edition -Garry's Mod -Grid -Killing Floor -Left 4 Dead -Multiwinia -Team Fortress Hit me up if you ever want to play, Steam ID - 7rossman And yeah im on campus so if there is ever anything going on let me know and ill probably be in unless im with my girlfriend, which is a lot....so yeah good to be here and finally introduce mahself.
  9. PS3 or xbox? cuz i mean i have ps3 and MW2 but ive never touched MW2 on an xbox Dx.
  10. rossman


    Yeah it was some kid.
  11. I'll be on. <3 and Lemm 9/25 is Saturday broski. Just sayin.
  12. rossman


    I'm not sure, I went to the help desk in the bottom of Hunter.
  13. rossman


    ight P got an update. Been talking to the Aion tech people and they determined its not my computer, its the school network. Went to IT and they gave me the "Oh, if we had any network changes or port filtering done, I don't know about it. " and the classic "Well technically WCU doesn't support gaming so I can't really help you." now wdf do i do?
  14. rossman

    Aion Online

    Ive played Aion for 3 months and love it. The graphics are a ton better, very different pvp system, and fluid movements and game play.
  15. pssh who would help you lemm. jk and master of orion kinda looks like it but its more dated than that. Like i said, it looks like colored asteroid ships. lol
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