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  1. Venom? I'm a poisonous creature! Huzzah... Also this is the place, the club has the right to know about your transgressions at club gatherings.
  2. I see that Ephraim is deleting my posts when I place cold hard facts, good job Ephraim.
  3. The problem with the attendance with the LANS is that most of the PC side has lives now, that include weekend activities. They don't want to spend the entire Saturday cramped up in the LAN waiting for their tournaments to come up when they could be out with their girlfriends or drinking. I myself might not make it because of much the same reasons.
  4. ShatteredVoid (Nathan has the pictures. I'm sure he'll post them once he gets the time to.
  5. We had some people getting into it last semester.. but most of us got sidetracked by other expensive hobbies.. such as: airsoft, MTG, lightsabers, etc.
  6. If it gets voted in, any game can make it, look at this last lan. Hell, we had Warcraft 3 with one of the highest attendance. Most current members do not play CS in any form, so it would be a long shot.
  7. If you head over to SCC they still have free printing in BW at their library.
  8. Yeah... you see, L4D is a team game, and from what I could tell you ran ahead and deserted your team for the most part. Score means pretty much jack diddly in L4D unfortunately, and if you couldn't tell, you were the one being saved 95% of the time. MVP != you, MVP == Your team for carrying you. This is the last I will say on this topic, as this is merely ridiculous. I was team point. I cleared out, pulled special infected, and risked my own character to improve the performance of the team as a whole. I'll admit, if I was not point, my scores would have been terrible as that is
  9. You were not at the meeting. Who was it that came up with the layout initially for prizes with our limited funds? ME. (in so much that I was the token "Jew" for crunching the payout amounts on the board while everyone argued over this and that) It was first set at $10 with the movies being an auction. Second, FacistFlakes, please don't be a sore loser because you lost. Learn what SARCASM is before you jump. Considering I, ManlyMoose, had top kills on the first map (218 with the second highest being 109), and tied for top on the second map. I would say that was MVP, not to mentio
  10. I'll be Tekken'ing it up with you this coming weekend Kaz. Glad to see some others are interested in it.
  11. Heh... I should have gotten a special prize for having more kills in L4D then the rest of my team combined... and more damage. I agree, the idiot who won BlazBlue was a jerk. He was good, I'll give him that, but when you complain constantly about WINNING... and about what console something is being played on when you are not apart of the club? Poor sportsmanship. I'm happy with my 3rd place Soul Calibur 4 standing... while playing Rock... (albeit on was against a new guy). I need to practice up with my Amy again so I can stomp Crash next Lan... who's up for some practice? As for
  12. I'm a hispanic jew... a spic and a kike... a spike if you will.. Your statement is invalid.
  13. Funny thing is... most of "us" are not all that active on teh forums.... or even have an account for that matter.
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