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  1. It's in the Grand Room on the 3rd floor of the UC. Go in the front entrance of the UC, up the flight of stairs. At the top there will be a door on the left that leads to another set of stairs. Once up them the grand room is straight ahead. Alternatively you can go in through the upper back entrance and if you keep straight you'll get there too. From Walker either way takes about the same time walking. okay yeah i know where that is. thanks looking forward to it and the competition!
  2. glad to see the registration up now. just registered. where is it going to be exactly? and with the halo tourney, we are able to select the partner we are going to play with, correct?
  3. Hey all, just registered to the fourms and am new this year at WCU. I play a lot of Halo 3 and plan to attend the tourney this weekend. So what are some other games everyone here on the fourms play online alot?
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