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  1. What happened? Is there going to be a comeback?
  2. Im sorry i dont play this...but What does the prune juice actually do......
  3. * Spoiler alert! * Actually in MW2 its not the Russian, The bad guys are dirty Americans who got greedy wanting to take down all the worlds evils In the first few Chapters You see that the American solider was framed in the killings at the Russian Airport, which then leads the Russian to retaliate - And yes i jumped during the Ambulance scene -.- HOw dare he Shoot Me!
  4. Medal of Honor is having problems with peoples ideas of a game They want to immerse people in all side of there up and coming multiplayer game But the thought of kids playing as the Taliban killing American soldier has already had this game banned in the UK We have all played games with different sides and views But is it to early for games to start adding enemies like the Taliban? :my stand point: I've played Counter strike and MW2 I see no line of evil, I'm just playing the game for fun. I can understand that it is a sensitive word...oohh scary that opens open other feelin
  5. ohh...im soo confused...o.o congratz? im going to conutine my drinkin spree while im home @.@' <--beer googles! Xp
  6. wow i might have to add that to my playlist o.o POW!
  7. I can Tell you as a seasoned player, the community itself went down with kids taking up the guns that didnt have the skills to play or learn so they gave up We our Server we have too many seasoned players that rip on new players, ive toned my game down for those times but then i get bored :\ But understanding that the game is still alive, I mean if i hear CS i always coming running into a room with "Happy Makers" ^.^
  8. The real question would be how i Could Get You boys to convert back to 1.6 I'm Lonely......and getting banned from all the other servers with people in them for no reasons....>.>' <---Post 200 ^.^
  9. I had ppl in it, cuz i asked them to play...and we stayed but each map took 3 minutes to load so it hinder us So could we have some regular maps back...there has actually been a push for more Gungame servers lately
  10. Can we put Regular Maps for the GunGame server? I have been asked a few times to just switch it to dust2...
  11. Can i have ure Free Gift of L4D2 ? ....>.>' might as well ask .....
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