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  1. Apparently you didn't fully read the topic which granted it was long so i guess is forgivable. Perhaps i should be more clear that when i say many people would attend both events i am of course referring to those who can exist between the lines. Second I only count about 16-20 consoles total and since there usually seems to be around 60-90 people that doesn't really count as most. In fact it seems most people don't. I believe i also mentioned that these events shouldn't force exclusion just specialty. It's like having a MTG and warhammer tournament in the same location at the same time with limited judges. The two just seem to get in each others way from where i am sitting. I seem to be the only one on this discussion who can't see the private forums so I don't know what is being talked about there. As such i'm just putting some ideas out there that may not have been brought up. Or maybe they have and i'm just fancying myself being involved. I was actually hoping more normal members would get involved in this discussion so that execs and advisers could see what the members think and get a broader view, but unfortunately i'm not seeing very many active at all.
  2. First off. I apologize in advance but this is going to be long So i've been analyzing the situation, granted from the limited, member point of view, and I think i've reached a conclusion that separation is not only inevitable but necessary. However, the reasons for it may be far simpler than many people want to admit. This reason is the everlasting feud between PC and console gamers. This is not something exclusive to this club by any means. It is almost a fact of life that if you put a PC gamer and a console gamer in the same room together. By the end of the day someone is either going to have their head bashed in with a desktop or have been strangled by a controller cord (maybe not so much today with all the wireless controllers so lets just say a wii-nunchuck). From what i've gathered by observation and talking to people. this event actually closely resembles when the Irish came to America. And then more came, and then more, and then they wanted an equal voice to the "native" born. Anyone who has taken a decent history course should know where this leads. The club started by PC players but it has grown thanks to the console players and now they want an equal voice in decisions. Many of the original and remaining PC members however do not want the club to loose its roots. Perhaps it would be best if the two factions split into separate entities and became partners in gaming rather than rivals. This would also ease the situation on anyone wanting to remain neutral in this debate. One group would continue to remain PC based while the other would become more console oriented. Not saying these should be exclusive dispositions but rather areas of specialty. This would also allow for a lot more tournaments if each side stayed freeplay on its non-specialization allowing more tournaments per medium while maintaining a manageable prize selection. As long as the clubs events do not overlap there should not be conflicts. Many people would undoubtedly attend both events. The only real flaw that i can see in my analysis is the 360 players views on the situations. They seem abnormally hard to get an idea of where they stand in this. Anyway, just some ideas for people to think about it.
  3. lol. perhaps, and perhaps i'm just an old gamer whose games keep losing their online support so i've been ingrained to be migrant. by the way. i love all those emoticons your using XD.
  4. knew that would get a response. i was signed on a guest a lot last night and their were a lot of people on. I also noticed a lot of post counters going up but nothing happening on the forum. evidently everyone else who was on is allowed into the private forum. Checking the forum was beginning to get dull. Still don't get it though.
  5. Seriously. I don't get the point of this game. Counter strike sucks, it sucked when it was made and it sucks even harder now. I've played it and got bored of it. There are only so many times you can play the same objective and keep my interest. People take this game way to seriously. WILL SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME THE APPEAL OF THIS GAME. I'm not trying to troll, ok i am, but seriously how does one get that involved in a crappy game.
  6. Actually the presence of sand indicates that the tide has indeed come that far in and the moisture of the water is needed to give structure to the castle. Now you could take the wet sand and move it away from the tide to begin your process. Much. At least someone knows how to use a person's words against them. Still seems like a minor abuse of power but for now I'll allow it I did notice however the you have like in there twice. Is this a typo or are you comparing me to a zelda monster. If so much kudos
  7. i see your point but one i'm trying to say is that when a individual exploits a company the company will further exploit many other people. Besides it is a business and the purpose of business is to make money. If they aren't making any money they will quit the business and run away with what they have. It has happened before. If this causes the entire company to go down it will only lead to a bunch of people who payed a lot of money for insurance and now have no benefits to show for it.
  8. well you can't get rid of the chick and there would be all kinds of critics if "the black guy dies first". That only leaves two. Bill is almost too predictable because of his personality so if you wanted to be unpredictable you would have to look elsewhere. My money would be on He Who Hates Everything.
  9. but i like my porn. They also say it's the leading preventative measure against prostate cancer so there are health benefits too.
  10. well the main problem is how this system can and likely will be exploited. After all someone can pay the fine which is cheaper than insurance rates. When they do get sick, because insurance companies can't turn away for preexisting conditions, they can just go to an insurance company and say they need them to cover the cost. People like this are going to make the insurance companies have to charge more so they can maintain a profit. In essence, the people who do the "right" thing are going to get punished for it. It's one of those things that looks good on paper but implementing it will lead to all kinds of problems.
  11. Oh yeah. whoever modded my profile, i know your probably just trying to joke around but trying to troll a troll is like trying to build a sand castle at high tide. It just doesn't work and everyone laughs at the stupid kid. Also, it really doesn't look good to modify someone's profile without permission. Just saying that from an observers position. You could at least have made it interesting. Right now it looks like Ephraim stating the obvious but without the funny part that everyone loves. Also big words. nobody likes them. For right now I'd like to end the game in this thread just because it's takin up space. Feel free to continue guessing though, just not here. For now lets stick to interest. I love gaming. We're talking classics here.
  12. You guys are guessing, and i'm foreseeing a very perplexed looks on a someone's face
  13. Perhaps a meeting should be scheduled to explain the situation of the latest events. forums are always nice but not everyone checks them. This affects the members so I'm sure a lot of them would like to know the impact this will have on them. Wouldn't want anyone to think secrets are being kept. Not sure what attendance would be like but it seems like it would be a good idea. After all, a brain cannot survive without the blood.
  14. I'M *edited*TING IN YOUR CHIMNEY nah but i'm totally stalking you because i have nothing better to do than see what you have for lunch. UC with Benny by the way
  15. Guess this has turned into a more political argument than the initial topic. I think i'll just watch and see if this thing works or fails before i criticize too much. It seems like it was made on good intentions but everyone knows what they say about those.
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