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  1. Your new animated picture is just..... wrong somehow.. lol.
  2. I don't want to sound negative because I like new maps, but oilrig and vertigo are killing the server. As well, it doesn't help that amx_votemap doesn't seem to work for some maps, including snow. This is ironic, because it's a popular map when there are only a few ppl on (currently the situation with the server). Someone pointed out that ppl can go to 24/7 dust2 if they don't like the new maps. Fine. But in reality people are not going to bounce around between two servers each time a weird map appears. They leave. A better strategy to consider if playing doesn't increase, is to si
  3. rtv doesn't work as of 5pm MST on Thursday the 6th on whatever server has the original IP.
  4. Smells like a hippy? ...there's always the longshot of landing a gig doing a cheesy oldspice commercial. That would make him a celebrity. Can't say no to celebs
  5. I think the crouch/run/bhop issue needs clarification. It is clear watching some people's player-models that they haev some sort of hack. Often it isn't quite "running", but it does speed up movement and I've had people argue about it. It IS a grey area. I personally dislike it. Maybe the rule against crouch running should be worded "No movement-hacks of any kind are allowed." This would make it crystal clear that anything other than a standard crouch, walk, or run is illegal.
  6. de_dust2002. It's a large map like dust2, but it would be nice change and provides interesting gameplay. Also, quick to D/L for those that don't have it.
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