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  1. i am also looking for a team im not as experianced but i play a mean mundo and ali, but im also playing alot of brand and warwick im by no means amazing but i can play and hold my own
  2. the problem is they literally changed the ruling on August 11th of this year so the regulations are new, bypassing Corelli in my opinion is just a bad idea while he doesn't have Walt's jurisdiction A he is in charge of the UC so stepping on the toes of the guy of the guy who lets us hold the Lan is a bad idea not to mention from talking to him about this (yet again for a rush biased poker tournament) and he honestly found this rule to be asinine while he may not have the power of Walt Turner but if there is someone with in the administration that dislikes this ruling and that has the clout an
  3. before i say anything you must know that i am have no power contrived or otherwise over these tournaments i do not even play magic im just relaying a message that could provide a headache for the club, its members and magic players. Secondly this may not be in effect as the problem arose with Greek letter fraternities and while i am biased as a member of one (im convinced Administration hates us) this may not apply to a club, reguardlessly i do not want the club slapped with a pointless fine or worse be forced to disband, a recent change to the student code of conduct (http://www.wcu.edu/24861
  4. ok ive been waiting for this game for a long time and i have it and love it. any other opinions of it?
  5. as the old saying goes "ya get what ya pay for", i hate to say it but this is why i endorse LIVE, although i did wish it was cheaper
  6. i know there was talk of a LoL closed facebook group at the LAN but i just downloaded LoL so i didn't join. can anyone point me in the right direction?
  7. what games we playing the earlier you tell the more time i have to kidnap walker people
  8. I've been around for a little while now so i figured id post in this my name is Mike Smith (yes i know another Mike) although i literally respond to everything though two easy things to call me would be Skywalker, Human Sheild or simply Sheild, yes i misspelled my name on purpose its the name i started playing under on Counter Strike: Source when i was twelve, and have never really gotten around to changing it. You might see me in letters around campus because yes i am in a fraternity, Sigma Chi, but that doesn't make me like the iconic stereotypical Greek that you see on TV i was in the c
  9. i'm feeling an epic TF2 rematch coming
  10. I second that for brink i am dying to see what Bethesda can do with a shooters
  11. id buy one i like waffles idea of putting tags on the back
  12. by fun night do you mean like toying with the physics engine? playing fun maps? playing sub games (manhunt or such)? im just trying to get a feel of what a fun night would entail
  13. i was also excited for this reboot but they really just needed to overhaul Armageddon this game has half the weapons of Armageddon the online play is still too glitchy to be good and even on super retarded the computer will throw a grenade across the map and place it right on your worms face. all in all after about 4 weeks they should realese a patch that makes it a workable game buy it then. unless your hard core then beware the crazy amount of sheep the game gives you.
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