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  1. Name 1. Amanda Grippe (Studious1) 2. Anne Dellinger (Amazon294) 3. BJ Wanlund (Yoshicus86) 4. Matthew Wiard (Waffle) 5. TJ Mitchell 6. Rogen Gardner (Ragrith Zwain) 7. Diego Francisco-Pedro 8. JaVaron Washington (Yo Jay Wats Ur Name) 9. Kenyatta Fortune 10. Scott Burr (NOOBY) 11. Anthony Vitanza (Catamount14) 12. Matt Scott (Tmanscott) 13. Matt McChargue (thtsMR22u89) 14. Alex Berry (the7eyesmask) 15. Mike Curtis (ToXca) 16. Sawye
  2. Wii Bowling - Joseph DeLong (Thor) Halo: Reach - Team Limitless Kenyatta Fortune (Uzumaki 1234) Matthew Wiard (Waffle) Josh Shank (Fr Audacity) Casey Scarbro (God is Exile) Golden Eye - Mike Smith(Human Shield) Marvel vs. Capcom 3 - Justin Guy (CrashdummyX) CoD: Black Ops - Team Like-A-Boss Christopher Campfield (Death Omen) Matthew Wiard (Waffle) Matt McChargue (thtsMR22u89) Scott Burr (RUNN1N6 NOOBY) Worm 2: Armag
  3. I've talked to Maggie Smith from Snorgtees and she said that she will get in contact with me when their street teams get up and running. Here's her e-mail: <msmith@snorgtees.com>
  4. Attendance: Sawyer Lawler Harom Azizi Joseph Delong (Thor) Sean Dowry (The Friendly Martian) Felix Daniels (Felix) Hobert Campbell (Heeroshin) Micheal Hicks (Hadoken) Adam Corey (Super Jew) Mike Smith (Human Shield) BJ Wanlurd (Yoshicus86) Matthew Wiard (Waffle) Dustin Faulker Mike Sapp (Frezzer) Alex Berry (The7eyesmask) Anthony Vitanza (Catamount14) Austin Imblew (xGOTmyWings) Matt Scott (tmanscott11) Micheal Coddington (Happenedbarrel19) Kenyatta Fortune (Uzamaki1234) Anne Dellinger Amanda McNally Micheal Huffman (Kaz-Ka) Attached are the meeting minutes. If needed
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