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    CS 1.6, DOD, Fallout 3, really big into music, am the Music Director at a Radio Station, Psychology.
  1. Does TF2 still have a large following?
  2. I have been playing it on and off since it started and if you are looking at sets only for what is currently legal in T1 or T2 then yes it's balanced. But doing what most of us do and dropping it into an already existing deck, screws with everything.
  3. BTW don't bother with DDO. I loved playing through most of the game but in the end it is a decision to shell out a *edited* ton of money or just do the quests enough times that you can "elite" on your own. I am tempted to play Dawn of War. And I do have to say that if you don't already own Civ 5 DO NOT BUY IT. Since the demo I have put in over 40hrs of game-play and I have barely been playing a week now... or actually its been exactly 1 week. If you do have it contact me and we should get a game going. Another game I would recommend trying but not buying and this time I am serious
  4. Back on track: The issue here is that he is a terrorist. Therefore he can be killed like any other terrorist.
  5. holy *edited* that is beyond win its not even funny...
  6. I haven't even gotten a chance to look at the new series. Magic is so broken right now I am scared as well.
  7. I don't play D&D I play GURPS plus I am not on campus, nor have I been on the forums in a long *edited* time. My apologizes welcome to the club we look forward to pwning you.
  8. Goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood +bump
  9. I know its gross as all hell but I am actually down 30lbs since working out on an actual routine and 10 sizes from my biggest weight... new goal is 20lbs in the next month
  10. I want to start playing again and a cod4 system setup seems really interesting to me but I feel as though it would fail harder then stalin.
  11. Old post is very old however rebumping for new interest in restarting this.
  12. Hey strangers. I haven't been gaming much at all but I have been losing a ton of weight... I'll post that picture.
  13. Saturday is the next USA VS Ghana game should be good
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