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  1. Ah well I took like a year break and came back and the maps were gone so I didnt know when they were removed from the rotation. Just know I miss them
  2. My R button is *edited*ed up and doesn't go sometimes, I clicked Post before I seen the "Thow" error. I tried to use the Full Editor but it wouldn't let me?
  3. I think we should do a throw back night or hour or something and play some maps that use to be played. de_cpl_fire de_nightfever de_beroth de_villa (Can't completely remember if it was WCU I played this on.) de_russka (Not sure if it was on the server but I know it was fun.) de_strata These are just a few I could remember. I know someone else has to miss some of the also.
  4. Hey add me to steam if they cant take it, I would like to talk to you about it. xxvolcomdoodxx
  5. Well, If they won't take the server I would like to talk to you
  6. Considering its in the Counter Strike: SOURCE Area maybe?
  7. That would be the best. Germany would win.
  8. omg. That video..... I would end up killing all of them!
  9. Name: Zack Handle: Volcom / Shwayze XBL: VolcomX117 XBC: None
  10. Why do most people think that all private servers are instant 70? There are many server that are "Blizz like." Also there are "Blizz High Rates," "Blizz Mid Rates," and "Blizz Low Rates," and Also "Mid, High, and Funserver, and BattleGround Servers"
  11. Volcom


    lolololol. What a retard. and the guy xD that laugh. wow
  12. I play on Private servers, I could bring a few people with me. :]
  13. You guys should Video the Tournament So the few of us that cant goto these lans can see what its like at a WCU GAMING LAN PARTY!
  14. Make sure the wires from the Power supply to the Mobo are plugged in right, check the Power Supply on the Back of the computer maybe I think if you flip the Switch on it to a different Number it wont work? I have not tried it but It might be that?
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