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  1. from waht mike says, he loked all around down stairs, and its not ther. i dont care so much about the camera, it was a cheap $80 samsung. easily replaceable, i want pics from LAN and party. if anyone has, u can keep cam, mail me SD card. just dont put a return address 245-8 Country Club Drive Concord, NC 28025 i will less than three you <3
  2. hye guise, if u were at the LAN or afterparty, u probably saw me, i was the one taking pics @ the LAN, and the one that was half azn lookin:D anyway, i lost my camera sumtime Sat night during the party, if anyone has seen it or may have picked it up n accident, its return would be appreciated. no questions asked. its a grey Samsung s73. the pics are all of the LAN and a few from the party. PLZ lemme kno
  3. U KNO IT. i have a good reason this time tho. planning Anonymous protest in Charlotte. :-)
  4. its ok, its not racist cuz im japanese;-)
  5. i plan on tryin to be active again. forum, pub, events (if possible) im moving out to Olympia, Washington in the coming months for school @ the evergreen state college.
  6. heyy!! so its been a good couple years sicne ive posted i think/.., but i think its bout *edited* time i became active again. anyone that still rembers me
  7. j0rm4n


    Guys go out and DL a series called 'Death Note' kicks major a55.
  8. j0rm4n


    spam is basically the best food ever tho.. one time on jerry springer they ahad a dude who literally loved it... as in.... you know... with spam....
  9. GREAAAAAT! im tony the tiger!
  10. wow, i pretty much fell off the face of the site planet. lol im dead. chizzlin next to adambomb at this lan center thet Kek told aus about. wcu serv is laggin tho. o well. i think i will end up going to wcu in the spring.. ive run out of excuses. lol. yay. well its gonna be hella fun with j0rm4n as a freshie!
  11. i'll be the first to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY ABOMB! thanks for all the hard work that you have and continue to put into this club!
  12. this is a tad early, but here u can wish Adambomb, one of the founding fathers of this wonderful club a happy birthday. Please keep this thread as just a e-birthday card. no random posts about nonsense. lets show adam how much we appreciate all his hard work.
  13. its not that ur 13 i hav e no prob with taht. and im not making fun of u cuz of that fact. i dont like the fact that u are in a predominately college age server/forum ACTING like a 13 yr old. if ur gonna be here, at least try to act a lil more mature. theres a big difference. u can still have fun and act a tad bit older. u dont have to always act 13
  14. also disable gravity in deaglezknivez
  15. j0rm4n


    adambom knows it s the OJ w/ whee Vodka that keeps me goin. bawlz would be a nice boost for the morning tho
  16. 33 3 3 3 3 3 3 to the power of infinity
  17. ok. this entire thread is BS, if there is racism tahts one issue, but taunting, trash talk, and minor outbursts of anger and frustration is all part of this game. you people need to grow up, and DEAL! except for urban tha morjity of us here are adults. you can handle a few sticks and stones. Moral of this story: DEAL@@@
  18. j0rm4n

    fun night

    LAN event ROCKED! after party rocked even harder! roflcopter'd all the way into that waffle house. lol. that guy didnt kno what i SD card was hahaha
  19. i wish i could max out my 6GB. that would be the major pwnage right thurr
  20. omg i cringe at the mere thoguth of the pain that that would be like...... ....fkafv;bkjlsdngpoeqri!!!!
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