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  1. this kind of reminds me of some one from before just wasting a spot they never really wanted but just wanted to be something in the club.
  2. So we dont have stats for yet another day?
  3. I thought there was going to be a voting put up or did i miss it somewhere and nuke has been asked for many times in the past . We must remember its not what we like but what will keep the server populated .
  4. congrats lemm on getting the css cl spot so when can we expect these changes to happen . I hope it will be sooner than later because a lot of people are waiting on them .
  5. NOW bow to your masters of doom . LOL hey man nice to see you got on the forums see you in the server so you can catch my bullets with your face again lol.
  6. Ex


    Hmmm server is populated . And has been for the past week or 2 and its only getting better each day
  7. Well from what i have seen the main problem is the number at witch is required to start a rtv vote its set at 8 right now so lowering that number could help . But it would be good to give a select few the power to change a map if the need came up .
  8. Ex


    css sorry and if i hold a fun night ill be there till the end i want start it and then get someone else to do it if i start it im there till its over. I would also like to hold fun nights once a week .
  9. Ex


    i would like to have a fun night tonight if we can get a exec that has the power to change the maps as needed to join up it would be a great way to get people in the server and have alot of fun and if we cant get a exec if i could be given temp powers to run it
  10. welcome hope to see you around
  11. then you might want to speak to Hubert as hes the one that said that me wanting the spot had been voiced and it was decided i would get it so how were you not told about this . That makes no sense and when i asked in irc where this nomination stuff was posted on the forums that i hadn't seen anything about it i was told that the nominations was being done at the meeting and then . Hubert told me that if i wanted to run for it to give me name and handle of witch i did and he came back and said he had voiced my nomination and that is when he told me i had the cl spot . And he said he was spe
  12. But you dont give all the admins that power you give it to a few admins you know can handle it And how was my name not added as one for the css cl i had voiced mine in time and according to hubert it was in the vote
  13. I have a question about the meeting last night and the css cl spot it was given to two people one was unsure and the other one is ready to do it so could some one please clarify this . Before i was nominated it was lemm and after i was nominated i was told it was mine as lemm was unsure . So could someone decide who is the css cl as two people were named for it . If its me i need my info so i can start to get stuff done .
  14. I would like to thank everyone that came out today and tonight it was great to see so many of the peeps back in the server . Now if we can do something about being able to change a map so it doesn't kill a full server and get that freaking tic rate where it is should to be
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