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  1. what are yall gonna be? im thinking either captain planet or austin powers... not sure
  2. its all my fault.. i went to school and didnt bring my pc... be back in December to lay the law down oyyyyyyyyyyyyyy SENECAAAAAAAAa
  3. no. definitely not. this is like saying banning the awp on dust2. does not make sense at all. fy_snow is a spam/aim map... if u dont know the spams or get spammed figure it out and grow a pair
  4. hey if every time we rock the vote de_vertigo, fy_dustworld, de_DUST2, AWP_Dust dont stop coming up i really am going to headshot kids ingame
  5. what tiggle means is that his account got vacced and he got a new one.
  6. just so everyone knows.. im sure ur aware all those updates with jump sounds etc were replaced read full article here http://www.gotfrag.com/cs/story/44189/ GotFrag.com - Following community outcry and many attempted fixes to the crouch hopping "fix" the following updates have just been patched in for Counter-Strike 1.6 * Rolled back recent silent walking exploit fixes as we investigate less impactful ways of preventing the bug * Adjusted bomb bounding box to prevent silent plant exploit * Fix to eliminate or significantly reduce "flashbugs" * Fixed status icons (buy zone, bomb zone
  7. once i get home tomorrow and get back on my pc. i predict i will be #1 with in 2 days. l8pales
  8. i delete both blob files... clienreg and appupdatest or something
  9. d2 25 min, awp map or scoutzknivez 10 min , inferno 20 min, RANDOM MAP 10-15 min train 20 min, snow 15 min , nuke 20 min, start over
  10. well me as an admin i always know 100% when someone is double tapping it i have a 7th sense that lets me know when players tap crouch twice.... and fyi #1 the issue is with crouch being double bounded... but thanks
  11. seems like this belongs in admin area.... or just thats my correct opinion
  12. bllahhhh is crazy. gotta dl it though cause it takes like 30 minutes to dl in game
  13. pretty easy. list your ONE and ONLY one map you could have in the rotation. fy_SNOW
  14. put a pic of loot in a thong as the MOTD when you connect... i guarentee population will increase.... or just ppl reconnecting to see loot in a thong
  15. redirect: bascially you seee a server in your que or w/e.. and it will say TEAM 3d PUB or AWSOME SERVER>. and when u click to connect instead of going to that server it connects you to wcu server. it like starts connecting then restarts -> that is the redirect.... so ppl dont know they will be joining the wcu server but they do.
  16. hex how dumb are you. i said i wouldnt play 1/2 of them. so obviousy i will play the other 1/2? shut up son and its not even herbals rotation. +1 for you
  17. its not herbals rotation on the server???.. i played one rotation of fy_snow and some train then peaced. so maybe? either way its a little better
  18. i noticed last night / later afternoon there was some good activity in the server! keep it up and keep it populated.. only ppl i recognized is tiggle.. WHERE YOU AT ADMINS
  19. but the real way to get better.. well one of the only ways is when ur in the pub and i am in there.. just type kill and spec me everyround.. ull get good
  20. honestly, if you do it and play with it for liek 2 days its just muscle memory.. but to be honest i dont buy nades 1/2 the time im in the pub... gun out always cause u never know when some dumba$$ is gonna run out
  21. my advice would be to go and download a GUI. the cevo gui is very easy to upload in your cfg and use. www.cevo.com of search cevo gui you will find it..... with taht u can bind anything very very easily for quick switching etc.. for example i press N it buys a nade.. i press c it quick switches my HE nade.... F quick swqitches a flash.. etc etc... i do use q for pistol/rifle..
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