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  1. So what kind of pricetag are we talking about? Too early to speculate? With those numbers, the fact that it's the next gen, and from what people are saying about the controller (costing 100+ bucks), is this *edited*er going to be like 700-800 dollars?
  2. As you already know the media has blown all of this way out of proportion. The muslim and christian relationship in Egypt was already in conflict way before these protests started. They put that off to the side to get rid of Mubarak and now are back at it again. I agree with you, now that Mubarak's regime is gone the christians in that country are having a harder time. The way you describe it though, it's as if there is a genocide and exodus going on (6 million people are christian in Cairo alone). My dad lives over there, he works with the coptic christians, lives in a neighborhood full
  3. You have it all wrong with the Egyptian example. The general population as a whole was fed up with the whole regime. Coptic christians were just as present as the muslims in that case. I won't deny the muslim brotherhood had a hand in the protests i'm sure, but they weren't the political faction behind that movement. the whole country was fed up, muslims and christians.
  4. Has anyone played this? Anyone who likes old school turn based rpg with a strong dose of satire will love this game. it's 16 bit retro graphics but who cares, you hardly notice. premise is: Cthulhu wants to destroy the world, but due to a curse loses his powers. In order to gain his powers back, he must become a hero. problem is he's so bad, he has to do alot of "hero stuff" in order to make up for all the bad stuff he's done. so yeah, hilarious and an instant classic in my book. worth the 1.99 or whatever it costs on steam. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0YlLNoLrwks and if
  5. have had my steam account since 04...haven't been hacked once. Not that i know how to pirate, but the convenience, cheapness, and user-friendliness valve offers, why would you want to? Only issues i've ever had was problems either on my side (like forgetting my password or forgetting to update my credit card) or developer side for not getting with the program and making their games more user friendly. 90% of my games are on steam, by no means do i think i'm the majority, but I think it's safe to say steam has a pretty good grip on this issue.
  6. i got a 6 year old cousin who can kick my *edited* in Wii Boxing.
  7. Reliving childhood with xbox games? dang I must be getting old first star wars game I played was Rogue Squadron. Still one of my favs.
  8. ha! silly cain who do you all see as the GOP candidate? Maybe because I'm from Houston, but my money is on Rick Perry. Only thing that may hurt him is the fact he's a Texan, (and everyone knows the last texan we had lol)
  9. Why should kids that young even be introduced to the concept of class warfare? Class warfare matters the moment you are born. But besides that, I agree with the lesson you took from the story. I just think its a lesson that is much more effective when you include a more complex idea like the authors. You are promoting thinking, at a much higher level. Nothing wrong with layering like that, it's actually an effective way to promote learning.
  10. So people that work hard make brick houses? What about people that work hard and make cheaper *edited*tier houses cause the brick is too *edited* expensive? See what we're doing here? Twisting a dumb *edited* story for nothing.. But besides all that, the second article implies the guy wants to reform the story, make it more PC. Yet if you actually read his article all he says is: "The best approach is NOT to put down such beloved tales and refuse to read them...but to pose questions after." As in, ask a question and let the kids come to their own conclusion.
  11. here is the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hd_OJmTL3jk you telling me you can't hear the siren from that house? Nor can you hear the cops yelling? (although I cannot make out what they are saying) If the wife said she saw them before they broke in, how the hell do you not know those guys are SWAT? Idk, i still am disgusted at how it went down, but this video may help their case a little.
  12. i saw it on the news as I was getting ready for work on friday...i can't seem to find it. Anyway the video doesn't show much, but you can hear the sirens in the background, along with 3 or 4 cops unloading right at the doorway. You can't see in the house because the camera is adjusted to the light outside and you can't really make out what they are saying, but it was like maybe 5 seconds in between them breaking the door open to them mowing that guy down.
  13. update on this story: The SWAT team released helmet cam video of the raid. They weren't all to blame for this...that stupid wife saw them roll up with there sirens blazing in a big black van, jump out of the car, how do you not know what a SWAT team looks like. If she told her husband "there are cops at the door" rather than "there are people with guns at the door" it might have been a different ending.
  14. newrayz

    Google Music

    got mine today...uploading at home as we speak. It's kinda neat. Wasn't there a Winamp feature similar to this tho?
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