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  1. some of the services are back up, and they're offering some freebies to make up for the downtime and to lure their customers back into the PSN services
  2. Just dropping in right quick and saw this. 2 thoughts and I'll be back out in the wilderness another several months. 1 - keeping servers up-to-date wasn't as big a deal when I was around, in what, 2007-2008? maybe that's become bigger with the new steam update demands, if you can't access a "old" server with a "new" client. Sounds unfortunate. 2 - yeah you're going to need some admin staff to keep the server chugging. I had to stay into it at least once every couple of days to gauge the server satisfaction and see any tweaks that might help (including the surprisingly successful te
  3. Just saw this myself: FFXIII-2 Just thought I'd pass it along.
  4. Falcon


    Eww, wondering if this is the last post I managed to get up here since I've been offline so long. Anyway, a quick summary, I got a no everywhere I looked, so that answers that question. On a side note, I've graduated both my general ed. degrees, each with 4.0 GPA (though I admit the classes did overlap). I'm now studying the crap out of a 2-year forestry degree, and I'm hoping this semester to get certified on at least basic wildland firefighting. Similar opportunities to the military, though, and sounds like any area of forestry will turn out well. In any case, I'm still doin alrig
  5. well, just saying, I can understand what you mean MajorMajorMajor. I'm pretty sure that if this was here back a couple years ago, I had some legendary rounds on the server where I woulda had achievements popping like popcorn. And the knife achievements feel so cheap... Seriously, 1 sniper kill gets you Sknifed? bah. I can claim at least 3 in just one of them legendary rounds. But on the other hand, I totally have some motivation to go make good on my knife skillz. Especially in regard to that one sniper cartoon someone posted around here back in the day. And to play some SK.
  6. bah, just now saw this. I'm out dog-sitting for family and finally have an internet connection... and I miss this... ah well, I'll prolly be dropping in and out of the server every so often to see if I can find some action.
  7. I'll try to see if I can find a few oldies
  8. pbffft... no stats? geez, that sounds like a party to me. If I had internet, I'd be all over this server, being downright goofy.
  9. now, million dollar question (or maybe $400+, to be more accurate)... So, me being big on FFX, FFX-2, and FFXII, i was thinkin about this one, if it's even close in story goodness and graphics. But, really big question, in y'all's opinion, does this one game justify $400+ for me finally getting something more advanced than a PS2, and the game?
  10. I'll dig up some of my docs and plans, I'll see if I've got anything easy-to-find. plus, I still have some now-ancient LAN fliers, hard copy, if you're interested.
  11. Kudos to whoever drafted the changes, to get unanimous approval without any complaints, that's incredibly good.
  12. just saying, if the thing won't even let you into the BIOS because it's that bad, to try to play around, there is a way to get to that point. *If you've set up custom settings in your BIOS you'll need to be sure to re-do them what you gotta do is open up the case, and find the memory reset pins, and jumper them (temporarily) to the reset setting, reboot, it should beep or something, then power it down, return the jumper to normal settings, and boot. then enter the bios and check in on the configurations, correct errors, and then try getting back to work on your drives (I.E. restoring
  13. A few comments at random: I've not found many good solid capture cards, but yes I do believe the assertion is correct, that they do not capture from the computer (unless you use s-video out of your video card and pipe it right back into the video capture) - they're more for external sources, like TV. I don't know how it works, but I would consider it possible that the (I've not seen one recently) ATI all-in-wonder, since it captured input AND was a video card, might possibly do its work without crushing the CPU. Just you'd be crushing your GPU, which still impairs its ability to captu
  14. i second that... fans are spectacularly complicated sometimes... if it has the push-in screws you gotta push before they'll catch and you can actually screw 'em in, or if it has a metal clamp across the middle those are general pains in the arse. generally speaking, while still doing it by hand, it may take a fair amount of force to get the fan back in. that said, use of a crowbar is unnecessary and highly discouraged.
  15. good point Eh, it was but it wasn't. To raise a huge advantage, multiple rooms allowed for more play in the noise levels of individual games without ruining it for others. As a disadvantage, it made it somewhat complicated to track and announce the start of tournaments. However, once used to it, it was truly quite nice. *will be a logistical nightmare. "not be possible" assumes that you don't have some good lengths of network cable and routers/switches to relay between rooms, and permission to run them. I've seen smaller inter-room dorm competitions work. You can fit a suprising
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