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  1. Everyone at work seems to like it. Haven't heard how it compares to 3 and ODST, though.
  2. FYI anyone can check on the status of an event booking at any time. There's a public listing on the university's website. You can use that to go ahead and start finding lan dates for next semester. The grand room is already booked on the 1st but you got the MP room so no harm done. If the new PCVP needs server training I'd be happy to help. Unless Felix did anything drastic, everything should still be exactly like I left it.
  3. Tell thor and felix to check their PMs.
  4. Thread links are also broken. Also, the '1 Active Report' message at the top (for admins) can't be viewed.
  5. Can someone tell thor and felix to check their PMs.
  6. I don't think facebook even has the current list. I imagine if you want to know you'll have to contact whoever the club president is now.
  7. MasterP

    IW is EVIL!

    That's why I stick to CoD4. Maxed out is maxed out. They don't go back and add crap later.
  8. No, but there's even cooler stuff than that going on. They have a whole building set aside for computer and networking research.
  9. TLDR; just skimmed a bit Attempting to argue with an OWS supporter is a lesson in futility. A wall typically has a higher IQ. It appears as though you got hooked into arguing by a troll supporter, let this be a lesson. You can't win arguments against people who think Greece went belly up because of a lack of tax revenue and too many tax dodgers and not because they allowed their citizens to retire before 60 with full medical coverage and pensions higher than their working salaries. Speaking of which, take a good look because we'll be there soon. We're currently 15.2 trillion in deb
  10. I'm not working on it directly but I'm on the admin team for the longest-running mechwarrior league and the advisory board of both leagues for the MWLL Crysis mod. No one really knows how the new mech game will turn out. I'm not overly optimistic. If they cut support for traditional leagueplay, as they've hinted at, it's going to end very badly.
  11. Newtard: Hey let's upgrade from Cryengine2 to Cryengine3. It's super easy. Let me on the dev team and I'll do it for you guys. Dev #1: For that to happen we'd need a second dev team to do it in conjunction with regular mod updates. Newtard: No, it's super easy. If I need some help I can recruit some coders I know. Dev#2 said the mod can't grow until you upgrade. Dev #2: Don't put words in my mouth. Newtard: All you have to do is import the Crysis textures into the Crysis2 SDK and rebuild the mod. Dev #3: Except the SDK license doesn't allow that. Me: I'm pretty sure when the devs upg
  12. Be sure to post back once the LAN games are known.
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