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  1. Not sure, Ask Felix. It went well otherwise.
  2. sweet thanks guys, Fear my awesome pink dragon icon!
  3. not sure where to post thing so might be good to have it in the How-To section for others, but I can't get the Playstation ID to work in my signature. I have the code and not sure why I can't get it to work right. Anyone know what's up? Code: <a href="https://us.playstation.com/playstation/psn/visit/profiles/heero_shin"><img src="http://fp.profiles.us.playstation.com/playstation/psn/pid/heero_shin.png" width="230" height="155" border="0" /></a><br/><a href="http://www.us.playstation.com/psn/signup">Get your Portable ID!</a>
  4. I really want to get the Ballz of Steel edition and for the price it's totally worth it. http://www.joystiq.com/2011/02/11/duke-nukem-forever-balls-of-steel-edition/
  5. Headsets and other accessories are all personal items. We follow some what of a "My system, My rules" setup. If you don't want people using something for a purpose other than general, you have the right to say something or limit it.
  6. Hey guys, my girlfriend lost her PSP at the LAN. It's a Black 2001 PSP Slim inside a black/grey Cloth case. The PSP currently has Silent Hill: Lost Memories UMD in it and Patapon on the Memory stick.
  7. With the setup on my system, I can't play L4D or Aion so I never really knew it was down. Why don't you send the L4D CL the instructions on how to repair the server, Lighten your workload a bit.
  8. Shinji is now CL and Nathan will be Admin/assistant CL until he can get himself off the ground. He bought the game from Gamestop and they didn't give him a CD key and refused to give him one. The rules for TF2 Tourney will be the same as they have always have been so look at the past LAN event on the board to read up, Shinji may redo them. I have all of the tourney's except for Worms as I couldn't find it. I will post them after tonight's meeting.
  9. And I will start dealing with these problems. As to why I haven't been on, Well two occurring problems and one recent. Morris Broadband has been *edited*ing up my internet since i live just off campus. As previously stated, I live off campus and have to use my Financial Aid to pay for rent. CiTiAssist has continually held back my loan and has stopped my refund check until further notice. The school understands but my Landlord has me working for him to pay for this. Over the last 5 days, I had the flu so I couldn't deal with any of this. Now, as per the case with Nathan Golder. I am talking
  10. Bought Aion and trying to play it but my graphic card keeps glitching. All the textures keep being remapped with different textures from around the environment and menu bars after about 20-45 seconds. The same happens to me when playing TF2 for extended periods of time. Both games are on minimum graphic settings and my card is fully updated. It's a NVIDIA GeForce 9500 GT and has been working ever since I got it in the spring. Anyone have any clue as to how to fix it or have a spare card that I can use/buy/trade that will let me play this game without seeing my character texture wrapped with tr
  11. He told me as of noon today when I asked him to jump on that "I didn't think I was doing it. Some freshmen got it, but if noone wants it I will take it." I will simply tell him someone qualified to do it has raised up and it would be better if that person was the CL.
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