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  1. No Global Offensive I was thinking about going too...
  2. Kuros


    Who all is playing CS:GO? I'd love to get a gang up to roll competitive classic with. steamid: lordkuros add me!
  3. I have to admit though, GunGame was ridiculously fun...but it was not Counter-Strike.
  4. Obviously getting shot in the head arm, dying and then waiting out the round because no one could find/kill the idiot that was camping rather than doing objectives was extremely fun. That's what you saw in it.
  5. Terrible boring game is still terrible and boring...who would have guessed?
  6. Ephraim was one of my secretaries towards the end. He was/is awesome.
  7. I just read this thread, dusted off my ban hammer, held it tight against my chest and cried a bit. It cries in agony at no one in the servers to temp ban anymore.
  8. You should do this anyways. People are notorious for opening boxes and pulling *edited* out they need. It's not necessarily bad for games (until now) but I'd still rather know I'm getting what I pay for *before* I walk out the door. I have a lot more arguing power that way.
  9. Oh Malley and Trebushae were the best console leaders the club ever had. /thread Back in the day we tried (or at least I did) to encourage growth on equal fronts for PCs and consoles. It's sad to see that leadership since I left hasn't really cared much for the devices that they don't play. I was never a console gamer but I knew that it had huge growth potential for the club so I tried my best to lay a foundation for console gamers while attempting to keep PCs fresh (which is really *edited*ing hard when everyone always voted for boring Counter-Strike).
  10. I once gave out copies of Modern Warfare when it was fairly new to try and spread around the people that had the game. People that already had a copy would trade them or sell them off. It worked well but was extremely expensive. Cash prizes have always been an iffy call. I was never really for it but never really against it either. If the execs aren't lazy, it's extremely easy to get enough prizes from sponsors to cover the entire LAN.
  11. Just curious how many people from my days are still lurking about/posting on the forums. I notice the servers are dead. What's being done to repop them?
  12. 54 people at a WCU LAN makes me want to cry :`(
  13. Or you could leave trollface off the gaming club forums and where it belongs.
  14. I'm not holding this by myself, I'm suggesting to hold it as a club sponsored activity. Go back and read the *edited* thread. I know things have changed since I left (obviously for the worst) but last I checked the club didn't sponsor anything illegal. Kuros owning Q3A so hardcore should have been illegal but wasn't.
  15. Just make it clear that the WCU Gaming club does NOT endorse it and let this dip*edited* get himself expelled. Win win IMO.
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