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  1. its still pretty popular ya know http://store.steampowered.com/stats/
  2. wooop woopp! I have a mic nao too
  3. Why is ManlyMoose allowed to attend any events?
  4. http://consumerist.com/2011/03/judge-sony-can-have-ip-address-of-anyone-who-visited-forbidden-site.html
  5. I got it last night. They are ok. Berlin wall is a HUGE map
  6. same way man. I can be on tonight between 7-10pm and probably on some during the weekend
  7. they have USB headsets for like $20 at BestBuy
  8. hahaha yeah i need to get a mic, although, it would enable me to cuss out people
  9. I give up...with Kazka as president...there is no point in doing anything for this club anymore..
  10. i couldnt even play any games unless i updated. I turned my PS3 on last weekend and couldnt even load MW2 without doing the update...very retarded
  11. adam37

    Who Am I?

    ahhhh its on the tip of my tongue!!
  12. lemm, im going to add you tonight My ID is ManylcaN
  13. yeah i remember how bad the AB networking closet was...that was the most poorly designed/maintained networking closet ever. I'm honestly surprised anyone even got a connection in that dorm
  14. well if the CS:S server is down...you can always come and play 1.6!
  15. i'm back to playing now....now lets see if we can get some scrubs in the server
  16. Ill be on tonight at 8pm EST. Anyone interested in getting some interest back in the server?
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