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  1. i posted the rules for MW2 and Halo Reach in the xbox console thread
  2. well going by past results of 4v4 tournaments im going to keep it as a bring your own team right now and have got the marketing exec to put 4v4 on the flyers so that more ppl will know than normal. I havent had any complaints really from the people who came to previous tournaments but if it becomes an issue i will change it for the future.
  3. yea i understand that but im going to talk to marketing about putting 4v4 on the advertisements and also we have had 4v4 tournys in the past and have teams of 4 have not been a problem. A good example of this is MW2 which in the last 2 tournys have had 8-10 teams show up to play without problem. Also being that Reach will only be out for 4 days before the LAN everyone will be at an even playing field.
  4. People will just need to make their team before they show up like normal and if there are any teams of 2 or 3 we will try to get them together or with a random. The teams will be selected to play eachother randomly through a bracket computer program like last time.
  5. i think some ppl like me decided to step down from running to help in other ways. I was going to run for Console VP but i thought my xbox expertise was better suited for just running the tourneys
  6. So judging by the amount of ppl who showed interest for these games and the amount of ppl i know we can get for it im going to make both Tournaments 4v4. As for the Rules Im going to use the MLG Rules for MW2 like i did last time which will be team deathmatch to 5000 for 10 minutes with duals off and no kill or death streaks. There will be no use of glitches or that team will be disqualified. For Other all the other little things i'll have a print out available for ppl to look at. Also i'll have about 5 dif maps to choose from. When it comes to Halo: Reach i will only have the game for ab
  7. yea i already told the main ppl there whats going on here.
  8. the LAN is still going on btw its just not going on for smash.
  9. i just dont understand why we should change something that has proven to be affective in the past. I aslo dont want the one time we finally have COD 4 it be a bad experience b/c of these rules. Something that is also in the back of my mind is that new rule stating games with the lowest two particpations will get the boot for the next tourney and having these rules i feel will cause less ppl to show and less ppl to play.
  10. that might be the official stance but you cant say that ppl go to a tournament to lose you know?
  11. *reserved for list* 1. ExiLe 2. Oh Malley 3. Bever 4. tF Freezer 5. Dark Omen 6. Eyce 7. Wanted
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