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  1. 5 yrs as a forum member today! <3333
  2. I just started playing 1.6 again, boom *edited*es. Lets do this.
  3. Since no one plays 1.6 anymore I went out and bought SC2 and Black Ops for PC, if anyone wants to get some WCU sc2 games going, msg me. BROOO'S!
  4. sweet, i'll be on later then, I also bought SC2, anyone play?
  5. Hey, I'm still alive, just bought a new tower, been a while, what's new?
  6. Your profile is private, how the *edited* am I supposed to creep on you!?
  7. B R I E F S


    I dunno brah, i love my iphone
  8. I finally DLed "tha Carter", it's pretty good
  9. last exam in t-minus 90 minutes, I am getting so drunk tonight.
  10. Yea, I remember seeing him around, I played as stunt`101 for the longest time. ALso ask him if the amplify forums are still up
  11. Where the *edited* are hannah's pictures?
  12. I can arrange that, if I can watch
  13. Yea man, but their not my sisters.
  14. Lies, andman's my room mate, he's such a *edited*ing noob. He's eating pizza right now, I can smell it.
  15. EL's been down for years, turd burglar's
  16. pretty sure the account Katiee, or some variation is mine, made it when I was banned from the forums, never really used it.
  17. You ever play on the EL server based out of Halifax Lock'em? that *edited* was off the hook.
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