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  1. Lol thanks for the birthday wishes and *edited* pictures, I saw, I came, i raked out my eyes, in that order. Love you guys, you are the best!
  2. Not enough people running for positions it looks like
  3. It wouldn't be too hard to setup a download for the install on our servers would it? And hey it would require every student on campus to come to us to fix the ITS shenanigans, makes us look like saviors and gets some good word out about us.
  4. I was going to say that as well, we shouldn't vote in a game that nobody owns, and we don't have a CL for. What is with playing old school games, I mean I like it, but for LAN events would it not be more beneficial to play new games? Obviously we are a bit hurt by this since that requires someone to own it. I suppose that is why we have always played old games in the past. With the Steam All-Day Pass that made life easier on the PC since we got access to all the games when someone used those Steam Accounts. Anyways, best of luck to the new executives and welcome back to the old ones!
  5. In NC I took the CCW class, it was a day long class basically, lot's of talking and laws, very minimal what I remember now, but it all comes down to common sense in the long run. Anyways after the class you go out onto the range and you shoot a pistol in three different stances, one handed standing, two handed standing, and one hand at hip level. You have to get at least 3 bullets within a certain diameter at about 15 feet out, really not that hard if you have ever shot a gun before or have any skill with a pistol at all. That gave me the right to get a concealed weapon permit, now I
  6. Hey man, thanks for registering on the forums and welcome, we have heard about the issue with SC2 lagging when trying to play multiplayer, we haven't found a resolution to this quite yet either but some other people may have something else to, this is the first time I have seen a suggestion like this. MasterP your input please.
  7. I noticed that drama was mentioned, if there is any advice I can give as a previous president, put the drama on the back burner, you have to realize that you cannot please everyone, that you have to make tough decisions sometimes. While I don't agree with anything KazKa did after the separation I commend him for his commitment to his cause. That is how any president should be when putting forth a policy, he must stand firm in what he believes or risk the faith of his followers. Don't be a blind hypocritical nazi either though, you have to find the balance. But I do think that leaving drama
  8. Well, apparently Mitch seems to think that Dustin, a freshman should be president right now, so maybe he knows something we dont. I'm sure the "lets just play games and not kiss *edited*" speech would surely win the hearts of the club over. He's got Faulkner blood, that's all that matters. Oh yeah I remember going to that guy's dorm and being like, "Hey, where's my banner and fliers". Good times...
  9. For the record SGA used to have very little say in what the club did, I think we should be on good terms with the SGA not have to bow down to them, Keith Corzine is the sole contributor to this club and so in the past we answered to him and SGA had to cough up the dough because of him, why or how that changed I am not sure. Anyways, guess that is just the boat we are in now.
  10. Yeah, did you guys literally have the exact same conversation back to back like that?
  11. Twitter is only for people who are extremely popular/famous or people that want to always know what these extremely popular/famous people are up to, IMHO. It might also be good as sometimes you can get news before it hits the fan.
  12. Talk to Jill, all problems solved.
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