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  1. No prob. If you have any questions for me or need a second opinion, just hit me up on Live or whatever.
  2. As you found out last LAN, I suggest possibly finding a way to reduce the time limit while still having legitimate games. Maybe reduce TDM score for MW3 to 5000 and the number of respawns for Gears to 10.
  3. Which is why we had over a hundred people at the last one? I'm wondering why it's stagnating at just over 100. In one year, we saw growth from 50-75 to easily 150. And the atmosphere was very different from the previous ones I attended. It was very underwhelming in comparison in both the PC and console sectors. Honestly.. it was just TOO quiet for a gaming LAN, and I'm not referring about the game volume.
  4. And they wonder why the LANs turn out so .... mediocre.
  5. Sorcery. Looks like I may have to come back and kick some *edited*.
  6. And the 3DS will probably interact with the WiiU if they follow up with their previous E3 announcements. But the Vita is the new portable handheld as Lemm said.
  7. I read somewhere that it was confirmed to take place in Los Santos / same setting as San Andreas. But.. *yawn*. I just can't get into the "story" of any of the GTA games. And if I play it.. it's just for 30 minutes to blow up things.
  8. The new portable handheld, the PS VIta, doesn't look too different from the Wii U controller. Maybe that's what he's referring to?
  9. I'd probably suspect a $500-$600 system. Something akin to the PS3's original price tag. Everybody's obsessing over the price of the controller even though only 1 will work with the system (unless some press release / announcement came out). It's more than a controller. It's a tablet with the size of that screen built in. Luckily, it is fully compatible with all Wii accessories and games.
  10. Oh I dont know, how about: -Uncharted:Drakes Fortune -Uncharted: Among Theives -LittleBigPlanet -Infamous -Dead Nation -God of War 3 - Any "Collection" games - Valkyria Chronicles - Demons Souls - Resistance: Fall of Man - Resistance 2 Yea, i think you get the point lol. Good games with little to no install time. I can list more if you'd like. LBP 1&2, Demon Souls, and Infamous I'll agree with you. Everything else is ok on my list. I'll maybe even put Uncharted on my good games list, but only the first two apply to the lack of install/update time. The third one
  11. They've also got their own "Just Dance" game coming out too. Seems like Sony can't come up with an original idea. Honestly, I'd just be happy to see a good Sony exclusive game that doesn't take me 1 to 3 hours to install/update to play it the first time. *crossesfingershopingthatTwistedMetaldoesn'tcometothat*
  12. I thought he showed up under Bitey's term. Oh well.. those days were long ago and a bit fuzzy.
  13. trolololo. Honestly Ephraim.. I think Kuros would've been amused by you.
  14. +1 to Kuros. That and try to find a good Gamestop if you have the option. There's 5 here in Winston.. and I've seen other cities with multiples stores available. So if you have bad experiences with management/staff switch stores until you find a good one. Figure out who the good GAs (who know their stuff and can avoid problems from the get go) as well as the good management staff (SGA/ASM/SM). I highly doubt a store has ALL bad employees and all levels, but can definitely have a few bad eggs to really ruin your experiences.
  15. Hence why I provided my opinion on how to help build up the PC presence back on campus.. but not much has been done about it.
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