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  1. Just an FYI, I was trying to play some source tonight and couldn't connect because it says that the server is out of date.
  2. That is extremely funny..... And no, I did not win the $100. All I got out of that stupid magazine was a few lols.
  3. I concur with Chantz, but also you regs can help admins out greatly by speccing blatant faggotry. Just be sure to get a steam_id as well. We do need a demo to permaban, but no where does it say who needs to take a demo.
  4. I was flipping through our Student Health Magazine here on campus trying to find the answers to a quiz so that I could win $100, and I came across the worst last name ever. Never met her, but campus is small, so maybe I will one day.
  5. Two things: On the topic of gman, I banned him for 1000 minutes for racism, so if he steps out of line again at all, permaban him. The adverts should read something like this: 1. No Bunnyhopping! 2. Join the community, appeal a ban, apply for admin @ www.wcugaming.org 3. Need an admin? *irc address here* 4. For all server rules read the MOTD I think we should keep the adverts to just a few important ones. Otherwise it can get annoying pretty fast. The main one that I would like to see is the no bunnyhopping one. That way admins can slay without warning people and the message
  6. i think that aztec and lost temple could probably work all right. This rotation looks pretty good otherwise. I would suggest that we try it for a few weeks before setting it in stone.
  7. Ballz you are generous in only kicking the man.... I would have banned for at least a day.... but yes, adverts pls and no, pls never ever ever ever ever let people vote on maps
  8. I agree that we need a short rotation with maybe a random fun map in the middle, kind of like what Yahoo was saying. My only suggestion is that we need to be careful which maps we put back to back. No custom maps should ever be put back to back, and custom and not so popular regular maps should be followed by a very popular map (ie not italy). I have my own personal likes and dislikes of particular maps, but I will make no comment since other people seem to like them. In the *random* fun map spot I would rotate probably (@ 10 minutes each) deagle5, sk3, tides, aztec?, chateau, etc.
  9. Yeah, we really need to jump start this server. We should probably temporarily sacrifice the GG and TF2 servers and remove all custom maps from the server rotation. If we have to play straight dust2, office, inferno, and cbbl to get the server back up and running, I am willing to do it, even though those map choices are sucky.
  10. 5 and I will be returning to school later this week, so perhaps more play time will occur after that happens. Until then I am packing... (and lurking on the forums).
  11. Sorry, just haven't been having the time this summer to CSS working has its downsides. On the other hand money has its upsides.
  12. That's when you found out she gave you herpes...
  13. I like the new variety of maps, but I voted only kinda because nightfever and dust, especially dust is fail. With those two removed the rotation looks good. If not removed at least significantly reduced. Dust clears the server every time though one sided maps are better now that you can't select teams.
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