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  1. My RAM just came back from being RMAd (<3 Corsair) and I have a working computer again! Shop da whop!
  2. Well I'm back, and whatnot. You'll likely see me around midnight to late in the morning.
  3. I still cant log in to Vent, for some reason. Just acts like it's constantly trying to connect. o.o
  4. This is absolutely ludicrous. I've been a member of this community for a year and a half now and I will say that you guys run a very well orchestrated community. It continues to amaze me how many people regular on our servers and attend the LANs. I've been to one LAN all the way from southern Georgia, and would have been at the last LAN had a financial situation not reared its ugly head. I will be attending the LAN in spring. It's safe to say that WCU is in my sights as far as where I want to attend college (I'm ready to get out of this town), and I can honestly say that it is almo
  5. Happy birthday! For your present, I provide you with the most epic thread of all time.
  6. Pics or it never happened. Tits or GTFO Etc.
  7. Posting because the first one is b0rkd
  8. *edited*, I really wish I could be there. <3
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