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  1. Myopic. What is unjust about banning someone who was vac banned before? Look, yall have a zero tolerance policy, anyone demoed cheating is banned forever and ever and ever to hell to never see the light of sweet wcu source again. Cheaters banned by vac are cheaters just as much, perhaps even more so, than cheaters demoed by you guys. Yall can make mistakes. So outright ban them. Summary execution. Zero tolerance. It is not a moral quandry unless the writ of the law is more important than the service provided by the law.
  2. Im shipping out to the navy in a week. 2 years of arabic in language school in cali, doing dat spook *edited*, really wont be coming back this time, may be on aim, maybe not. Giving nate's kid my account after tonight. It's been a pleasure playing with all of you and I apologize for trolling ex and yall a month or two or however long ago. Never actually smoked weed, but banning ex for speed hacking was huhlarious ya gots to admit. It's been a pleasure to kick lotsa *edited* here and get my *edited* kicked lotsa time in return. Anyways lets play one last time tonight eh? EDIT: If an
  3. You think valve's lazy *edited* actually pays people to watch your *edited* *edited* hack? Get real, they haven't even properly updated cs in years. You're a *edited*ing blithering idiot. Forest gump could teach you physics. All anticheat programs are just that, PROGRAMS. YOU HACK YOU HACK YOU HACK YOU HACK YOU HACK YOU HACK YOU HACK YOU HACK YOU HACK YOU HACK. get pzed by a bus please.
  4. Good luck bro, maybe ill see you on a deployment somewhere after a school, have some stiff drinks and all that.
  5. What's the difference between a King and a Tyrant? I think it has something to do with why Machiavelli says a republic is the most encompassing form of slavery. What if you invited me to your house for dinner and I took a *edited* on your carpet and said "I dont have to be sorry, Im from bum*edited*istan, that's how we roll dawg" ? Is something that people have died for really just a matter of custom, simple as changing clothes? What if the Saudi king came to america and we asked him to please take the burkha off his *edited*, told him it's demeaning to women. Would you expect th
  6. http://www.politico.com/blogs/bensmith/040...w_to_Saudi.html The first president to bow to a King, I can't find this as anything less than distasteful, possibly even disgraceful. I'm shipping out to the navy in week, not volunteering because I want to serve under this man, but I will do my duty and serve the office. Perhaps the least he could do is respect the revolutionaries who died shaking off the yoke of monarchy. Also to so blatently lie about it? We've gained no accountability and will not until we look at ourselves for it. Is it right that we lose ourselves for the sake of polit
  7. Ship out to navy boot camp.
  8. The french government has actually denationalized a lot of it's economy in the last twenty years. The military should not be privatized, pretty obvious why(The rule of law fellas) Salon is generally full of a lot of *edited*, especially joan walsh, the editor in chief. The guest columnist and dike in residence(i actually love reading her) camille paglia usually hits the nail on the head though. Your principle of government failing at whatever it does is not as apodictic as you believe masterp. Do you think about it very much or is something you repeat in your head every time you s
  9. More like months dog, mirite dowg?! ja get it dog?1! pass dat blun baby. sheeee-it i smoke dat stanky leg all day more like weeks. EDIT: The millions that is.
  10. I got a smoke kill on sushi in double doors d2 way back in the ever loving day.
  11. The idea that it's impossible to be taxed is not supported by history. Alcohol was illegal and underground throughout prohibition but it came back legitimate. Granted pot has been illicit for far far longer. But given as much resources, time, effort, and lives that have been flushed down the drain in the war on drugs don't you think a fraction of that effort would be enough to keep pot well regulated?
  12. Legalizing it would in no way be thrusting ones views on another in anyway as you said Masterp. In fact it's the other way around, as the law stands now. If it was legalized it would exactly be mandatory a la taxes. And republicans are in the minority, they have no right natural or legal to pass legislation as they please. They shoulda rocked *edited* in the last election if it was their right. Also why ask him to cite sources if you dont plan on reading any of those? oh you were being rhetorical right. Well that goes both ways so democrats can talk all the *edited* they want to about
  13. Anyone notice that the gun in the picture is a silenced awp?
  14. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/art...ng-Taliban.html If we can just lobby the military to train the mean sonsa*edited*es in bunny hopping we wont even have to have a surge in afghanistan.
  15. Buddha, after dying about 6 times in a row without getting a kill had this glitch happen to him. He didn't have an awp the round before either. He cracked the lcd screen on his g15 while trying to contemplate what the hell happened. I had to laugh inside for my life.
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