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  1. Should the moderatorCP link work? The admin one does...
  2. I did get moved... LAST YEAR
  3. Thanks a lot man. I was hoping for someone around WCU who was maybe taking summer classes. When/if I visit my sister (at UNC) next month if I have not obtained one by then, I may hit you up. Thanks again.
  4. Just make sure they actually get hung up. You may have to remind them.
  5. The beginning intention was to attract players with AN idle server and eventually have them check out the site and the main tf2 server. However, the main server ended up exanimated from lack of support. I kept the idle server going for a while just for *edited*s and it has evolved into what it is now. The tf2 side needs an active leader to resurrect the original server and keep up with it, more specifically with all the updates. The tf2 community is large especially since it is a f2p game but you have to ensure that you keep it up to date and running in order to keep a substantial populat
  6. Basically BJ said the club was ran by alumni and I advised otherwise.
  7. Other than taking away from spectating :/
  8. I would be interested in the luger and max head.
  9. We used to just go to the UC and speak to the reservations coordinator.
  10. If you would like you can start the thread and we can move it to the news section if it seems fit.
  11. Ya i have the extended battery. I guess that's the 9 cell.
  12. Maybe it is just this model but others like it report the same temps at idle. Didnt you used to have this same model nickname?
  13. At idle or just doing things like browsing, word processing, etc...it's fine and stays around 50 degrees Celsius. I probably need to get a cooling pad to sit it on. Has anyone used one before that was worth it? A good 9 or 10 degrees lower would be my goal. I do have to send it off to get the monitor fixed (it makes a terrible buzzing sound) so I will ask them to also dust it off at that time as well.
  14. I do have a glass top that it is sitting on but I have the laptop elevated with 2 travel soap holders. This has definitely prolonged the amount of time it takes for the cpu to get hot, however, I need to keep it at a lower constant.
  15. So I have discovered that my random lag (FPS drop) while playing games is due to my cpu (both cores) overheating. I just recently moved my laptop off of the keyboard drawer under my desk surface and moved it onto the top of my desk for more ventilation/airflow. This did help some, however, it is still getting too hot while under heavy load (like playing tf2). The CPU temp will start out at about 50 degrees Celsius and as I play it will creep its way up to around 90-95 degrees Celsius. Then at this point the in-game FPS drops to around 10 where it becomes unplayable for about 5 minutes (guess t
  16. http://www.amazon.com/Creative-Labs-HS-1000-Fatal1ty-Technology/dp/B001EVBUSK/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1305431549&sr=8-3 This is my headset and I LOVE it. It has all the features you want as well as the detachable mic. These are the most comfortable headsets I've ever worn. It's right at $70 and looks like shipping is just $4.09. When I checked the circuit city website it looks like they only charge $2.99 shipping. There is a similar cheaper one here: http://www.amazon.com/Creative-Labs-51MZ0310AA005-Fatal1ty-Headset/dp/B002DS4HTM/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1305431121&sr=8-1
  17. Wasn't the dates already posted on the MLG forums? If so, either have it as scheduled or just cancel it.
  18. Did I post the wrong website?
  19. Thank you Quantum Games for being a sponsor! You can visit their website at www.quantumgaming.blogspot.com/ Can we get a banner to put on the site. btw, since members cannot create news threads I went ahead and created it.
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