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  1. Oh and Hai Gais. I wanted to troll but everything I would troll was already said seriously by someone else <(<). - The Octopus will eat you at level 3.
  2. Some advice on the PC side of things, Some care needs to be given to the PC side game servers. Unlike the Consoles, servers for PC games actually have to be monitored regularly and a community has to be created over time for whatever game one is trying to host. Several of the people who gave care to those servers have graduated and other people must be willing to put the time in to research and be creative for our gaming servers. It simply takes work and effort to host a successful PC game server. This includes learning how to configure the server, finding people to play on it, crea
  3. I graduated too, just 2 weeks later than everyone else! Still working for BC Government and I will -hopefully- have a full time position soon. If not then I'm applying at a few other places that I have contacts with. A lot of offers are out there, tons of IT jobs available so I don't think you guys will have any problems getting jobs . Well.. those of you in IT anyways
  4. look its meee! http://be.imba.hu/?zone=us&realm=Siste...aracter=Kaziron
  5. Kappamerc

    FEAR 2

    The mech part was lame D= The best part was the hall way scene with the ghost and the bodies on the ceiling that were moving. Also the end when she grabs you.
  6. You suck because you didn't get me a pet mudkip. Otherwise great job.
  7. Unfortunately I will be in NY on the new LAN date so I will not make it. Hopefully I will be able to make the next one . Considering it will be my last I really hope so >.< I was working so I couldn't make the meeting.
  8. That, my friend, is hilarious. "This is linux" -lawl
  9. We cleared two wings in the 25man naxx no wipes our first try last Saturday fairly quickly - Stopped due to a lack of players. Plague wing was 19 manned (the entire wing). We don't raid hardcore at all, just weekends. The guild is coming together nicely. Naturally I could have been in guilds that cleared all content a long time ago but its been fun regardless. This week we've been hardcore recruiting DPS because of those 5-6 people we were lacking last week. The DPS we do have are all pushing 3k-4.5k and we have top notch tanks/healers. Those last slots filled will hopefully make things
  10. 2 hours x_X We do that first because its typically the quickest xD.
  11. I will be 1 hour late due to working til 8pm on Thursday, otherwise I will be there ^^.
  12. Well, whatever we do, I know that constantly arguing, bickering, and not working together on anything will pretty much keep us right where we are. I personally support the main idea, we got a lot of *edited* to fix so lets get started. I mean, agree to disagree and DO something. Something has to be done and decisions have to be made. We may not agree with all of them but its better than doing nothing.
  13. Wait... did NoDice really type that? It's all... correct and stuffs.. x_X I mean there are a lot fewer typos.
  14. I'm an update *edited*. If you need the webpage updated I'd be more than happy to do so .
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