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  1. Matt wuts up! Welcome back bro
  2. Get rid of militia please, for the love of god.
  3. Actually, what would be interesting to see is a vote to skip ahead into the rotation after a few minutes of playing a map. For example, as we all know, militia is the stack of the century map and most don't like playing it for that reason. Well after playing for 10 or 15 minutes players would be able to "rockthevote" which would enable them to skip to the next map in the rotation if 3/4 of the server agreed ( 50 % is just too small a percentage for me). This would allow us a few circumstances: 1. Every map would still be played, even if for a limited time 2. Unliked maps would be
  4. Im a new dude, but you should still know and love me Rayz!
  5. However, if your ever discovered doing this your neighbor could press charges and you would be had on multiple charges considering your are illegally amplifying their signal thereby exposing them to more threats and other snoopers, stealing their bandwidth and potentially creating networking issues for them. Be forewarned, its usually cheaper to get DSL than to pay for normal phone line + dial up. (This is because if you or your parents make alot of calls, especially outside of state, all long-distance calls within the continental US are considered local so money they would have spent making c
  6. You talk alot about believing me, but you don't have to. I mean why should I believe you with a 1.6 KD ratio that is only .3 up on me? I won't go into the fact that about 48 ( almost 50, not slightly above 40 as you put it) percent of my shots are hs' as opposed to your whopping 24%. Your right though, the huge left arm creates an interesting challenge in 1.6. Perhaps if you aimed for the head, rather than the upper chest ( as you apparently like to do) this would be remedied. But, instead of telling me to improve, you, doctor, should follow your own advice and get better at the game you choo
  7. It figures, although I don't know how much considering you came on and asked me to borrow my steam account. I didnt give it out to you. good thing!
  8. Well I believe I got a pretty good record but I believe i still might have to be punished. It was my fault that my account was used in such a fashion.
  9. Erm -- I would like to apologize for this it wasn't me persay. It was my little brother and as of my viewing this I have since removed his ability to log onto my account. I believe all my admin using is strickly to mute/kick/ban appropriately when a person is breaking the rules and i have a tendancy to even attach a specific reason. My delay on this post was furthermore not intentional, I have just not been at home much ( summer you know) anyways, once again my apologies for this blatant misuse.
  10. CSS is rediculously easy. You wanna improve play 1.6. I went into CSS and i tore it up many many times. Ive got a 63% hs ratio last time i checked session
  11. Yes even the forums! Someone please, fix it!
  12. *edited* this is bad, it means I have to start kicking more people!
  13. I didn't find it funny. Maybe it's cuz Xbox sucks
  14. If we get enough votes we can start a petition for more mwhaha! Like leet rats!
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