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  1. Whew, I guess most of us will be keeping our necks safe
  2. Maybe should just keep sk3, and deagle to a vote only option or something. It's pretty annoying when you lose people and some don't come back for a while or at all that night. But otherwise, meh, some maps people will like more than others. But like Yahoo said, maybe bring back Office, it's not a bad map at all..
  3. Very nice. Which reminds me, have the stats been reset yet ^^?
  4. How did you exactly break it? Because besides the 5 times I sent it back to Hp, they kept giving me it back repaired. So hopefully I can *edited* it up to the point when they just give me a new one (hopefully slightly better).
  5. Can't wait till summer classes and studies end. Then I can join you guys, if the server ever populates.
  6. I just "barrow" them from some people
  7. Wow never knew it came out for 60 dollars. I'm just hoping they actually put in some content this time. It's a great game, but too much given what's out for L4d still.
  8. We should definitely play some L4D sometime. Been pretty sick the last few days, wanna blow some zombies up.
  9. Hybrid Sins are the best :3
  10. Well, ignoring all things sexual about it, it's quite true no? When there's a witch, like 80% of the time it's Zoey that startles her. And Francis always complains about hating things from elevators, to like zombies.
  11. You know Banana you should just wait for me and Citan to catch up. It's rather boring I could imagine for him since the point of creating a new char was to play together with a friend when he already has like level 80s he could be working on too >_> Anyways I'm almost there, should be caught up by Sunday... (no sleep, no eat, just play =.=; Let me know if you wanna take a CSS or L4D break too!
  12. what? and WoW is fun and a pretty nice change when in moderation
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