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  1. Cacophony


    Easy Baked Ziti! (Serves a 4-6 people depending on portion control) 1 Oven 1 Jar Newman's Own Marinara Sauce - Or whatever brand you prefer 1 Box Ziti or Penne pasta - Brand doesnt matter, Ziti for authenticity, but Penne is good too 2 bags Shredded Mozzarella Cheese - Or one big one. I go off the standard size of shredded cheese bags at Walmart 1 container of Ricotta Cheese - I use the smaller one they have, your choice on Skim, Part-Skim, Whole. I've used Part Skim and Whole 1 baking dish - I use disposable tin ones. Get one that's roughly 13 x 9 First, boil some water. When it comes to a boil add pasta, cook until al dente. When you're done go ahead and strain the pasta and pour the strained pasta into the baking pan. Pre-heat the oven to 325. Mix in the sauce. Mix in the Ricotta cheese carefully. You want it to be consistent and you don't want to spill it. Add in the shredded cheese slowly, leaving enough to add to the top of the ziti. Again, consistency is key. Once it's all blended put the extra bit of cheese across the top, pop it into the oven, and cook it for about 10-15 minutes. Keep an eye on it, if the top starts to get brown you'll want to take it out early obviously. No one wants dry ziti. Serve and enjoy. For a quick compliment to your carboloaded meal: Garlic Bread for 2 (I've never bothered to make a whole loaf)! 1 loaf of bread A bit of garlic Butter Some of that cheese you put on the ziti Cut the loaf in half, cut the piece sizes you want to eat. Put a decent chunk of butter in the microwave, say 2 - 3 tablespoons, and melt it. Keep an eye on it, should only take a couple of seconds. As it's melting chop a wee bit of garlic, as much as you want to taste, then add it to the butter. Mix it. Pop it back in for a few seconds. When it's finished spread it across the bread, sprinkle some cheese on top. You can use some left over mozzarella from the ziti. After you take out the ziti pop those in on some foil for a few short minutes, keep an eye on it, and when it looks like the cheese has melted and the bread is crispy you're done. And there's a nice, easy meal for the night with leftovers for later.
  2. It is too expensive. Not knowing how to play my interests are most on the painting, though if I ever had enough I'd want to try and learn.
  3. I painted a few Space Marines once. I've only ever played one game. Love the books though. Played quite a bit of Dawn of War in my day too.
  4. Super late congratulations! Hope everything works out for you as you move on!
  5. I don't even play anymore. I haven't even had it installed for nearly over a year now. Assuming nothing has changed from when I did play, I've got to agree with Nickname's first two points. Those maps werent particularly popular when I played, except maybe dust kinda, and usually emptied things. And Chateau seemed popular enough, but the last three maps he listed were always popular. I dunno. I voted kinda.
  6. Work on research paper for my history class. Work on my short story for my fiction class. Eat. Sleep. Then I hope to get back to school soon.
  7. 4 is better. 5 is still fun. Wesker <3's Chris. There is no other explanation for the way he acts around him.
  8. I'll take a look around for Nero and see what I can find. Thank you Major
  9. Vista 64 and yes, I did. I honestly cant tell you what it was, but it worked perfectly fine up until the day my disk drives went poof. I'm thinking I just need to fix that part of it, but I dont know how. Although if just trying to install a new burner onto my E Drive could be a possible solution, I could try that. I'm just not sure what to use for a cd burner.
  10. Hey all. Back around Christmas break something went screwy with my computer and suddenly it decided that I no longer had any disk drives at all. Understandably distressed by this recent discovery I scoured the internet to find the exact solution I needed to the problem. Thankfully, I found it and went into the registry and deleted this one file with a really long name and my first disk drive miraculously reappeared. So happy that I'd fixed it and in a hurry to leave my house I decided to leave my second disk drive, the one with my CD burner, unfixed with the plan to fix it some other time. Fast forward, I want to burn a CD but I never fixed it and it's been long enough that I forgot where I found the solution to the problem in the first place and now I need to fix it. Basically, my E Drive, where my burner is, is there now (it reappeared along with my others when I fixed my first). It will even say that a disc is inserted when I insert a blank disc. Under properties>hardware it says that the device is working properly. But whenever I try to burn a disc my computer tells me I have no burning software. I'm not sure if it is related to my drives suddenly vanishing back around Christmas or if I just need new software. Any tips?
  11. Cacophony


    I lived by the Housatonic River for about a year. I used to roll logs into the river and watch them float away. I also got told constantly to stay away from it or I'd get swept away and drown and giant rats kept coming out from it.
  12. The Rock Band 2 band me and my friends have is called "The Manticore Ultimatum". Also...this game is hilarious.
  13. BIOSHOCK!!! But I imagine you've played that too, no? I'd suggest more current, but the owner of the 360 I have access doesnt buy games for it anymore and we've been sticking to PS3 lately.
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