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  1. Cacophony


    Easy Baked Ziti! (Serves a 4-6 people depending on portion control) 1 Oven 1 Jar Newman's Own Marinara Sauce - Or whatever brand you prefer 1 Box Ziti or Penne pasta - Brand doesnt matter, Ziti for authenticity, but Penne is good too 2 bags Shredded Mozzarella Cheese - Or one big one. I go off the standard size of shredded cheese bags at Walmart 1 container of Ricotta Cheese - I use the smaller one they have, your choice on Skim, Part-Skim, Whole. I've used Part Skim and Whole 1 baking dish - I use disposable tin ones. Get one that's roughly 13 x 9 First, boil some water. When
  2. It is too expensive. Not knowing how to play my interests are most on the painting, though if I ever had enough I'd want to try and learn.
  3. I painted a few Space Marines once. I've only ever played one game. Love the books though. Played quite a bit of Dawn of War in my day too.
  4. Super late congratulations! Hope everything works out for you as you move on!
  5. I don't even play anymore. I haven't even had it installed for nearly over a year now. Assuming nothing has changed from when I did play, I've got to agree with Nickname's first two points. Those maps werent particularly popular when I played, except maybe dust kinda, and usually emptied things. And Chateau seemed popular enough, but the last three maps he listed were always popular. I dunno. I voted kinda.
  6. Work on research paper for my history class. Work on my short story for my fiction class. Eat. Sleep. Then I hope to get back to school soon.
  7. 4 is better. 5 is still fun. Wesker <3's Chris. There is no other explanation for the way he acts around him.
  8. I'll take a look around for Nero and see what I can find. Thank you Major
  9. Vista 64 and yes, I did. I honestly cant tell you what it was, but it worked perfectly fine up until the day my disk drives went poof. I'm thinking I just need to fix that part of it, but I dont know how. Although if just trying to install a new burner onto my E Drive could be a possible solution, I could try that. I'm just not sure what to use for a cd burner.
  10. Hey all. Back around Christmas break something went screwy with my computer and suddenly it decided that I no longer had any disk drives at all. Understandably distressed by this recent discovery I scoured the internet to find the exact solution I needed to the problem. Thankfully, I found it and went into the registry and deleted this one file with a really long name and my first disk drive miraculously reappeared. So happy that I'd fixed it and in a hurry to leave my house I decided to leave my second disk drive, the one with my CD burner, unfixed with the plan to fix it some other time.
  11. Cacophony


    I lived by the Housatonic River for about a year. I used to roll logs into the river and watch them float away. I also got told constantly to stay away from it or I'd get swept away and drown and giant rats kept coming out from it.
  12. The Rock Band 2 band me and my friends have is called "The Manticore Ultimatum". Also...this game is hilarious.
  13. BIOSHOCK!!! But I imagine you've played that too, no? I'd suggest more current, but the owner of the 360 I have access doesnt buy games for it anymore and we've been sticking to PS3 lately.
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