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  1. Lindsay Lohan.. meh she was nothing... Miley... shes still going strong makin' dem movies ya know becoming a billionaire
  2. L4D2!! I mean I own majors arse all the time
  3. Isn't it like backwards now... to make it small its vice versa of what it use to be...if thats the problem
  4. Indeed it is! I saw this and I was like no way.... l4d... really... sweet niblets!
  5. I figured my fellow l4ders would appreciate this one.....So in Fort Mill SC drivers were warned via road signs of zombies, hunters and tanks lol!! Drivers warned of Zombies
  6. Welp I reinstalled the drivers just to make sure they were up to date... I'll be playing later tonight so we'll see how it goes
  7. I just like the end note where you can't reproduce with no zoey! Baha I wish they woulda transferred her over to l4d2 Sad..
  8. Yup... well I've modified a few things but its still in the same case... problem... I'm that much of a noob where in the world do I find my hard drive info... This is what some program i have tells me what it is but meh: WD1600AAJS-08B4A0 ... if its the driver issue thing.. just reinstall them?
  9. I'm always playing.... I'm pretty terrible myself buttt.. ya know I try to get Majors punk a in there.. but hes quite the LAME!
  10. Okay, soo I reformatted my computer because it had a virus. I don't remember it lagging that bad in game before but anywho now that I lost my job I'm bored all the time and back to playing video games more often...yes I don't have the greatest things but everybody helped me pick a new mobo like years ago so heres what i have... Pentium D 2.66 ghz 2 gb ram and its only windows xp vista was garbage so went back to xp geforce 7900 I know old so I figured it may be the graphics card ? I have a geforce 210 ddr3 1gb on the way... I'm thinking that should help... I've been loading fairly quick into games (css and l4d) but every now and then I'll have this lag spike where its NOT cool and can't barely shoot or move Helpppp!
  11. lol and if it was weed... oh man not any better it was some kinda substance that made her trip and act all giggily... I do understand she is only 18 and tries things out and makes mistakes... we all do
  12. Hannah Montana isss Miley Cyrus therefore I still win and exist... Selena Gomez really!? Shes a never was-still wanna-wanna be... pleaseee Miley still wins... even tho she did that Salvia hit... lost some respect Boooo
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