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  1. Yeah im back, i started playing the cs 1.6 server again, and im ganna be on forums more offten. Peace
  2. He y wats up every one im back, so why are dere so many new players, nd alot of hackers wat changed.
  3. Yeah jUne i git u as a frind any time man ill tell u
  4. Yeah i dont remember his name but he was aim botting cause he had like 29-5 somthing like that.
  5. ak_21


    *cough* *cough*
  6. I was just playing on the 1.6 server and there was like two hackers, and there was no Admin there to ban him or something. And some hacks are VAC proof so even if the server is VAC they can still cheat, and its not fair to the other players and me so i brought this up to inform you that while Admins are not there the hackers are there.
  7. what the hell ur stupid how long did it take u to type all of this, anyways kinda cool(not)
  8. hey i m already in a clan -=[bDA]=-
  9. U *edited* i was typing maddd fasttt sooo knockkk itttt offfffsoooo F#$@ you
  10. ak_21

    I need help!!!

    I don't really know anything about that. lol.....
  11. thanxx it took a while to aswer this lol
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