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  1. 2012 and this thread is still around? i win all
  2. pretty sweet, but i want a pez dispenser computer
  3. does letting my sepc b racer win easily hurt him? cause i've just been giving them the most powerful cars i could for each race and let them stomp the opponenets
  4. they made the famas better? oh how i wish i still played...maybe one day i'll get back online again, stupid college homework why do i have less free time now? i blame working
  5. I dunno man, i hope they come out with it soon, they definitely should want to beat diablo 3 out. i've been doing school again so my free time decreased recently, hopefully i can plan a firm schedule with torchlight 2 time with you guys and some other stuff. It's come to the point where i pretty much need a whole new computer for the new games. but that's for later.
  6. that is a huge nirnroot plant i remember finding nirnroots i also remember every monster i ran into was an orge or minatuar and that kinda took some of the fun out of things, why can't i chief 1000 golbins every now and again
  7. hellz yeah. When did you get a ps3? my dad picked one up and i picked up gt5 since we both liked gt4 on ps2
  8. Lets go make a few laps nuckas i have 170 hps and no standard transmission *edited* i don't even have a standard gearbox
  9. raine picked up gt5 *edited* is awesome can i race lemm?
  10. torchlight 2 is around the bend, somewhere and then i'll be up for serious computing graduating from college has been the single biggest reason my gaming decreased also i can't seem to get cl_crosshairscale to work in cs:s anymore and it annoys me
  11. so we killed osama bin laden feels good man i felt a little better about being an american today
  12. lemm throwing gf in pool? curse me having things to do saturday morning
  13. So, i got to see lemm in person again and it was good then i went and did habitat for humanity and crushed my left hand pinkie it hurt and i couldn't curse and it was not good
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