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  1. haha, I might have to make an appearance for gunbound/smashbros/golden eye --a its a shame mariokart 64 isnt in there anymore though
  2. Ok, here is the Starcraft tournament info. I figure I'd get it out early so people can practice on the maps if they want to. Map pool: Lost Temple, Luna the Final, Python 1.3, Blue Storm 1.2, and Zodiak 1.01 (All maps are 'low money' and are currently used on the largest non Kespa ranked ladder, ICCUP. If you do not have them already, they can be downloaded HERE: http://www.iccup.com/ Just go to files -> maps) The format depends entirely on the amount of players. If we have 16 or more, we will do a 'Round Robin' style with four groups of four people. The top two from each group (8 people) move on to a regular ladder style. If we have less than 16 people, a regular ladder format will be used. Round Robin games will all be on Lost Temple. Ladder games will be a best of three, starting on Lost Temple with the loser picking the next map from the pool. The final match will be a best of five and the maps will follow in the order in which they are listed above. Please be sure to save all replays and report win/loss immediately to me. Any form of hacking or third party programs will result in immediate disqualification (Suspect replays will be analyzed per request of any player). Also, in no case are any bugs allowed (this includes allied mines and the observer-on-turret thing). What is allowed, however, is Hold Lurkers and Manner buildings. If a player disconnects during a game and the winner is not easily clear already, the game will be replayed. Otherwise, it will result in a win for the other player. These are the only rules during a game. No other restrictions will be placed upon the players (such as no rushing, highest resource score wins, ect..) Alright, thats about it. If you have any questions feel free to leave them here and I'll try my best to clear them up. ^^ I am glad to see Starcraft back in our line-up here at WCU!
  3. Alright. Ill make an informative post a little later on.
  4. ZaplinG

    My secret

    My secret to being #1 Enough of that will make anyone a winner!
  5. ZaplinG

    I'm sorry

    Lol, I feel a little bad about my score on viper race. Sorry to do that to you, Nickname.
  6. Hold on, hold on. Starcraft is back in the list? And people voted it in even though I wasn't there lobbying for it? Hmm... I may have to begin brushing up on my apms again... If you want me to host it or at least help out, just ask. I don't really play any more, but I still know the correct way of running a good SC tourny. ...Also, I'm sad to see Mario Kart 64 get bumped off the list.
  7. ZaplinG

    I'm sorry

    Oh, is that so? Muuuaahhhaahhhaaahhhhaaa
  8. These smash events are mostly just a friendly get-together to just have something to do on Saturdays. There are usually a couple small tournaments, but really everyone just pretty much does whatever. I'm sure if you wanted to play by tournament rules you could find some people to play with you, but the bo3 may not work; there are usually about 10-20 people waiting for a game so people just get bored and play it bo1, haha. Also, there are a couple adept melee smashers hanging around campus who I am sure can put up a good fight, so bring all your friends and come play!
  9. ZaplinG

    I'm sorry

    *cough, cough* You were all silly for thinking you could usurp my grasp.
  10. The controller is back in its rightful owner's hands. It took a phone call and about a 2 minute walk down the hall, lol I've never played sciv before. I'll give it a shot if it looks cool and someone cares to explain some buttons to me -.-
  11. Hey guys. I had a pretty fun time at the first ever smash Saturday night fun fest. However, when I unpacked my wii just now, I noticed I accidentally swiped someones controller! If you are missing one from that night, please call me at 910-389-9488 and I'll give it back to you. Alright, I'm looking forward to next Saturday! (Next time I will not be falcon punched out of the first round, though, so be prepared) See everyone there!
  12. I can bring melee no prob. Also, I can bring my wii if we all just get in there and no one has anything, although my controllers leave much to be desired. Just a quick question - when is it? You may have said earlier but I missed it. edit: Oh, 6-o-clock. Got it.
  13. ill more than likely be there and ill probably be bringing a couple friends
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